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Gibson, Henry C., 1830-1891

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role Collector
dates 1830-1891
city Philadelphia
other citiesWynnwood, PA;
gender M
historical notes Henry C. Gibson was an art collector, banker, real estate developer, businessman and distiller. He was the son and successor of John Gibson, founder of the Monongahela Distillery, Gibsonton, PA.

Henry was married to Mary Klett Gibson. The Pennsylvania Academy of the fine Arts was given Henry C. Gibson’s collection of European paintings and American sculpture after his death in 1891.

Gibson owned a replica of Alexandre Cabanel's Birth of Venus. His collection included work by French academic artists Thomas Couture, Jules Breton, Gustave Brion, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Eugène Fromentin, and Rosa Bonheur.

According to The Art Treasures of America, Gibson owned A. Achenbach's "Coat Scene," Jean Aranda's "Scene in a Spanish Wine Shop," A. Béranger's "Curiosity," G. Boldini's "The Summer Stroll," A. Bonheur's "Cattle," Rosa Bonheur's "Highland Sheep," E. L. Boudin's "Marine," G. Boulanger's "The Escort to the Bath," Jules Breton's "The Potato Harvest" and "The Flax Spinner," G. Brion's "The Invasion," A. Cabanel's "The Birth of Venus," A. Calame's "Lake Lucerne, near Brunnen," J. Chelmonski's "Traveling in the Ukraine," P. J. Clays' "The Meuse at Dordrecht," F. C. Compte-Calix's "Why didn't he Come?," J. B. Corot's "Landscape" and "Landscape--Morning," G. Courbet's "The Oak of Ornans," Thos. Couture's "La Victoire" and "A Roman Youth," C. Daubigny's "River Scene" and "View on the Seine," Ed. De Beaumont's "Temptation," C. De Cock's "Landscape," A. De Neuville's "The Drummer," B. Desgoffe's "Objects of Vertu," Ed. Detaille's "Charge of the Ninth Cuirassiers, Village of Morsbronn, August 6, 1970," C. Detti "Scene in a Studio," N. Diaz "La fee aux joujoux," "the Coming Storm," "Landscape," "An Eastern Tale," "Fontainebleau," Jules Dupré's "Landscape" and "Landscape," John Faed's "The Mirror," E. H. Fontin's "Chrysanthemums," M. Fortuny's "Scene in Granada--the Council House," E. Fromentin's "The Halt in the Desert," Étienne Gautier's "The Sisters of Charity," J. L. Gérôme's "The Old Clothes Dealer, Cairo," Giordano's "Grapes," Firmin Girard's "Scene in Japan," J. L. Hamon's "Night," H. Hansen's "Court-yard, Palazzo Fara, Bologna," "Interior," and "Interior Doge's Palace, Venice," G. Induno's "The Dancing Lesson," E. Isabey's "Scene during the Reign of Louis XIV" and "The Duel," C. E. Jacque's "Landscape and Sheep," B. Juiliano's "The Day Dreamer," F. H. Kaemmerer's "The Market Woman," W. Von Kaulbach's "Charity," H. Baron Leys' "The Message," C. Maccari's "The Model," R. Madrazo's "Dancing in Jaleo, in the Palace of Pilate, Seville," J. L. E. Meissonier's "Cavalier Waiting an Audience," H. Merle's "Maternal Affection," Meyer von Bremen's "The Little Rogue," F. P. Michetti's "The Shepherd," M. Munkasy's "The Cobbler's Apprentice," "The Wreslers," "Hungarian Encampment," A. Pasini's "Scene in Constantinople," and works by A. E. Plassan, Martin D. Rico, F.G. Roffiaen, F. G. Rossi, P. F. Rothermel, H. Rousseau, F. Roybet, S. Saint Jean, A. F. A. Schenk, A. Schreyer, A. Seitz, A. Stevens, Thomas Sully, James Tissot, C. Tryon, E Van Marcke, P. Van Schendel, B. Vautier, J. G. Vibert, Jose Villegas, F. Voltz, F. Willems, Carl Yutz, Ed. Zamacoïs, F. Ziem, and Achille Zo. And sculpture by J. A. Bailly, G. Lombardi, W. H. Rinehart, H. Roberts.

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