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Warren, E. Burgess

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role Collector
dates 1833-1917
city Philadelphia
other citiesPeru, VT;
gender M
historical notes Ebenezer Burgess Warren was a collector, capitalist, patron of the arts, and yachtsman, was most well-known as a Philadelphia builder in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

According to The Art Treasures of America, Warren owned works by G. Boser, W. A. Bouguereau, L. Bourges, C. E. Boutibonne, Wm. Bromley, F. C. Compte-Calix, J. B. C. Corot, P. A. J. Dagnan-Bouveret, H. Dargelas, O. Erdmann, Wm. Hart, H. Herzog, F. Johnson, E. Lambinet, L. Lassalle, C. Maccari, Ch. Meissonier, A. Moreau, V. Palmaroli, H. Robbe, A. Schreyer, A. Simonetti, G. H. Story, J. G. Vibert, Paul Viry, and Paul Weber.

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The Historical Society of Pennsylvania E Burgess Warren Receipt books, 1865-1871. see details...