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Wolff, Christian H

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role Collector
dates 1815-1887
city Philadelphia
other citiesPittsburgh, PA; Chambersburg, PA;
gender M
historical notes Christian H Wolff was an art collector and businessman.

Wolff's collection was sold by the American Arts Association Galleries, Madison Square, New York, 1888 (48p. and 160 lots)

According to The Art Treasures of America, Wolff owned works by O. Achenbach, L. Alvarez, W. Amberg, H. C. A. Baron, C. Becker, E. Bosch, G. H. Boughton, and L. Caille, C. Chaplin, D. Col, P. C. Compte, F. C. Compte-Calix, J. B. C. Corot, H. Dargelas, C. F. Daubigny. C. De Cock, G. De Jonghe, C. Delort, J. De Nittis, E. Frère, L. Glaize, L. Goupil, J. Hamilton, W. J. Hennessy, C. Herbsthoffer, H. Herzog, E. Hilderbrandt, F. Kraus, C. Landelle, I. Leon Y Escosura, E. Lepoittevin, T. Lobrichon, H. Merle, M. Michel, F. P. Michetti, A. Moreau, V. Nehlig, Z. Notterman, J. A. Ortei, A. Pascutti, A. Pasini, H. Pille, C. Pittari, J. F. Portaels, G. A. Raffaëlli, P. Rousseau, H. Salentin, C. Schlosser, A. Schreyer, A. Seigert, P. Seignac, W. Sohn, T. Sully, C. Trayer, B. Vautier, E. Vernier, W. Verschur, J. G. Vibert, W. Whittredge, J. B. Wittkamp, A. Zezzos, and F. Zuber-Buhler.

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