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Adams, Alvin, 1804-1877

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role Collector
dates 1804-1877
city Watertown
other citiesAndover, VT; Boston, MA;
gender M
historical notes Alvin Adams was an art collector and businessman who owned his own shipping and banking company "Adams & Co" and "Adams Express Company."

According to The Art Treasures of America, Adams owned works by L. Bakalowicz, C. Bewer, A. Bierstadt, E. Boutibonne, G. Brenner, M. Calisch, W. Camphausen, C. Dell'Aquia, C. Detti, A. Dieffenbach, A. Dillens, H. Herzog, Thos. Hill, E. Jacobs, S. Jacobsen, D. T. Jamin, J. G. Meyer von Bremen, Moeslager, Erskine Nicol, A. Piot, J. F. Portaels, J. Robie, A. Romako, P. A. Rump, A. F. A. Schenck, A. Schreyer, J. Tissot, E. Verboekhoven, J. G. Vibert, and D. Webb.
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Boston Athenaeum George Loring Brown Letter, 1870 March 12, South Boston, to Alvin Adams, Boston.
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Boston Athenaeum Louis Agassiz Letter, 1871 Sept. 1, Cambridge, to Alvin Adams,
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Boston Athenaeum James Thomas Fields Letter, 1865 Jan. 17, Boston, to Alvin Adams. see details...
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