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Nardus, Leonardus 1868-1955

print view
role Dealer/Gallery
dates 1868-1955
city Utrecht
other citiesParis, France; New York, NY;
countryThe Netherlands
gender M
historical notes Leonardus Salomon, nee Leo Salomon, aka Leo Nardus or Leonardus Nardus was a painter and art dealer who acted as advisor to, among others, P.A.B. Widener, John G. Johnson, J.P. Morgan, and M.C.D. Borden.

Nardus was the son-in-law of German art dealer Stéphan Bourgeois (1838-1899). He married Hélène Jeanne Marie Bourgeois (1886–1936) in April 1904.

of activity
updated 01/28/2019 03:36
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