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Wolfe, John, 1821-1894

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role Collector
dates 1821-1894
city New York City
gender M
historical notes John Wolfe was a businessman and art collector. Wolfe was a member of the hardware firm of Wolfe, Dash and Fisher. Wolfe traveled, collected art, and sold art acquired in the 1840's and 1850's.

Wolfe’s collection sold at auction in 1863 (Düsseldorf Gallery, $114,000), 1882 (Leavitt’s Art Rooms, Chickering Hall, $131,815), and posthumously in 1894 (Art Galleries of Messrs. Ortgies, $33,659).

According to The Art Treasures of America, John Wolfe owned A. Achenbach's "Squally Weather, off Scheveningen" and "After the Storm," O. Achenbach's "Genazano, near Rome," A. H. Bakkerkorf's "Bric-à-Brac Shop," Carl Becker's "F gger the Banker Burning the Bonds of Charles V," E. P. Berne-Bellecour's "On the Ramparts" and "The Infatuated Lover," James Bertrand's "Virginia Dead," L. J. F. Bonnat's "Fellah Woman and Child," W. A. Bouguereau's "Satyr and Nymphs," Jules Breton's "Normandy Girl at Fountain" and "Brittany Penitent," Gustave Brion's "Wedding Procession in Alsace," A. Cabanel's "Portrait of a Young Lady" and "Birth of Venus," Ch. Chaplin's "The Dove" and "Nymph at the Fountain," V. Chavet's "The Studio: time of Watteau," G. Clairin's "Sheik Entering his Harem," P. C. Comte "The Toilet, Sixteenth Century," J. B. C. Corot's "Morning," P. A. Cot's "Spring,"

C. F. Daubigny's "Twilight on thje Seine," C. De Cock's "Shady Brook," P. De Coninck "The Wedding Ring" and "The Lizard," N. De Keyser's "The Invention of the Art of Design" and "Love's Young Dream," C. E. Delort's "Bric-à-Brac Shop: time of the Directory," F. De Mesgriny's "View on the Loire," B. Desgoffe's "Objets d'Art," J. B. E. Detaille's "Fight for the Standard," L. Devedeux's "Bashi-Bazouk and Circassian Slave," G. Doré "Don Quixote Entertained by the Student," E. B. Fichel's "The Card Pary," M. Fortuny's "The Veteran," E. Frère's "The Mid-day Meal," L. Gallait's "Huguenot's Family," J. L. Gérôme's "Circassian Lady," Firmin Girard's "Caught in the Thunder-Storm," Jules Goupil's "The Lost Dauphin," Ed. Gr tzner's "The Connoisseur," G. Guerra's "The Villa Borghese," J. P. Hasenclever's "The Artist's Portrait," J. F. Hennings' "The Park and Palace of Nymphenburg," C. E. Jacque's "Sheep and Lamb," Ludwig Knaus' "Study from 'The Children's Fête," F. Kraus' "Peasant Girl of the Prussian Baltic Provinces," L. E. Lambert's "The Scorched Cat," C. Landelle's "Spiritual Consolation," J. J. Lefebvre's "Femme Couchée, L. Leloir's "Beating the Retreat" and "Zephyr," D. Y. Leon Y Escosura's Picture Gallery in Madrid: time of Philip IV, R. Madrazo's "Andalusian Peasant," Hans Makart's "Fellah Women at Well," C. F. Marchal's "Penelope," H. Merle's "Washerwoman of Étretat," Paul Meyerheim's "The Monkey's Frolic" and

"The Fox Invites the Stork to Dinner" and "The Stork Invites the Fox to Dinner," Meyer von Bremen's "The Gleaner," M. Munkácsy's "The Window's Mite," L. Perrault's "The Roman Flower-Girl," C. T. von Piloty's "Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Cardinal Wolsey's," J. W. Preyer's "Dessert," A. Riedel's "Cupid and Psyche at the Fountain of Love," W. L. F. Riefstahl's "Capuchin Monks in a Tyrolese Monastery," A. F. A. Schenck "Sheep in Snow-drift: Mountains of Auvergne, France," A. Schreyer's "Wallachian Team Entangled in the Marshes of the Danube," Paul Soyer's "The Wine Press" and "The Wine Cup," A. Stevens' "Coquetterie," E. Van Marcke's "Cow" and "Bull," E. Vernet-Lecomte's "Moorish Jewess: Costume de Fête," G. J. Vibert's "Selling Consecrated Palms at Church Door, in Spain," A. Vollon's "Fruit," A. Wahlberg's "Near Stockholm," Jules Worms' "The Serenade, Seville" and "The Volunteer," D. E. Zamacoïs' "A Spanish Shepherd," and F. Ziem's "Public Garden."
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