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Yamanaka & Company
Yamanaka & Company was an Asian art firm founded by Yamanaka...

1895-1944 New York NY Dealer/Gallery
Yerion, Ruth A.
Amanda K. Berls and Ruth A. Yerion formed a collection...

New York NY Collector
Yerkes, Charles Tyson, 1837-1905
Charles Tyson Yerkes was an art collector, philanthropist, financier, and...

1837-1905 New York NY Collector
Yochelson, Kathryn M.
Art collector, artist and patron...

1906- Washington DC Collector Artist Patron
Young, Howard
Stephen "Howard" Young was an art collector and dealer.


1878-1972 New York NY Dealer/Gallery Collector
Young, John Chin
John Chin Young was an American painter, lithographer, and art...

1909-1997 Honolulu HI Collector Artist Patron
Young, William H., Mrs.
Mrs. William H. Young lived in Poughkeepsie, New York. She...

1883-1895 Poughkeepsie NY Collector