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Yamanaka & Company
Yamanaka & Company was an Asian art firm founded by Yamanaka...

1895-1944 New York NY Dealer/Gallery
Yerion, Ruth A.
Amanda K. Berls and Ruth A. Yerion formed a collection...

New York NY Collector
Yerkes, Charles Tyson, 1837-1905
Charles Tyson Yerkes was an art collector, philanthropist, financier, and...

1837–1905 New York NY Collector
Yochelson, Kathryn M.
Art collector, artist and patron...

1906– Washington DC Collector Artist Patron
Young, Howard
Stephen "Howard" Young was an art collector and dealer.


1878–1972 New York NY Dealer/Gallery Collector
Young, John Chin
John Chin Young was an American painter, lithographer, and art...

1909–1997 Honolulu HI Collector Artist Patron
Young, William H., Mrs.
Mrs. William H. Young lived in Poughkeepsie, New York. She...

1883–1895 Poughkeepsie NY Collector