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Ansloo, Claes Claessen (I)

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Inventory #1134
Call NumberNA 695A, omslag 73, fol. 440-441, film 4981
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameAnsloo
Owner NameAnsloo, Claes Claessen (I)
Life Dates? |d 1635
OccupationRetail merchant |a Cloth, silk
ResidenceOp de Heeregracht naest den hoeck van de zuytzyde van de Heerestraet in Amsterdam
Religionprobably Mennonite
IntroductionInventaris van de goederen ende huysraet metter doot ontruymt by Claes Claessen Ansloo in sijn leven coopman binnen Amsterdamme, bevonden in desselfs huyse gestaen op de Heeregracht naest den hoeck van zuytzyde van de Heerestraet, synde de selve sulkx als volght. Postscript: Nota Bene: Jan Claesz. Ansloo verclaert dat in de kelder onder den huyse van Sr. Jacques Bomslager 5 grote copjes gember, item onder hem Jan Claesz. is noch in den boel competerende ....
CommentaryThere is considerable difficulty distinguishing the various members of the Anslo(o) family (Mennonites). The late owner of the goods in this inventory would seem to be Claes Claesz. Ansloo de oude (I), who was married to Giert Jans. The following extract from the codicil to the will of Giert Jans, widow of Claes Claesz. Ansloo de oude, helps to unravel some of these relations. According to a document cited below, Giert Jans was born about 1561. In her codicil, dated approximately 18 April 1633, Giert Jans ordained that her son Claes Claesz. Ansloo de jonge (II) should inherit the house on the Nieuwen Dijck on the North corner of the Oude Bruggesteech, called de Goude Candelaer and that her other son Cornelis Claesz. Ansloo, should inherit the house next to it, called de Kalckoen Haen. Jacob van Davelaer signed as witness (NA 595, fol. 547, Not. Lamberti). On 25 October 1633, Jan Barentsz., bed seller in the Colcxsteech, named his wife Femmetgen Maertens to appear before the aldermen and there to acknowledge a debt of 2,000 f. at 5 percent interest from Geert Jans, widow of Claes Claesz. Ansloo (NA 694B, film 4980, Not. J. Warnaerts). Cornelis Claesz. Anslo(o) I, the famous teacher of the Mennonite community portrayed in etching by Rembrandt in 1640 and 1642, was the brother of Claes Claesz. Ansloo de oude (I). On 28 September 1635, Geert Jans, widow of Claes Claesz. Ansloo de oude, 74, declared at the request of Hestertgen Willems (van Nieuwkerck), formerly married to Reyer Claesz. Ansloo (her son), that Joris Samuelsz. had worked many years in the cloth shop (of Claes Claesz. Ansloo) (NA 695A, film 4981). Reyer Claesz. Anslo was a poet. He was a friend of the painter Abraham van den Tempel and a member of the Waterland Community of Mennonites. On 22 May 1647, he obtained a venia aetatis (majority age, even though he has less than 25) so that he could start a textile business with his older brother Nicolaes (Wijnman, it den kring van Rembrandt and Vondel, p.58). On 14 August 1636, Rycken Reyers, 12, daughter of Reyer van Ansloo, merchant on the Heeregracht, passed her testament. She named her mother Hester Willems as her universal heir (NA 315, fol. 77). It was almost certainly the same Claes Claesz. Ansloo I, living along the Cingel (the old Heeregracht), who paid a tax of 100 f. in 1631 (Kohier, fol. 113vo, p. 27). On 5 October 1630, Joris Cornelisz., lumber dealer in Emden, declared at the request of the honorable Claes Claesz. Ansloo (probably I) and Cornelis Claesz. Ansloo (I) that he had gone to Vrieslandt in 1625 to collect money for the two petitioners from Bruyn Jansz., cloth dealer (NA 847). On 19 February 1637, Jan Claesz. Ansloo, 32, declared at the request of Gierte Jans (his mother), widow of Claes Claesz. Ansloo, that he, Jan Claesz., had lived in the house 't gulde Schilt on the Nieuwen Dijck during his father's life (NA 598, fol. 108). Cornelis Claesz. Anslo(o) II was baptized as an adult in the Remonstrant Church on 6 May 1638. He married Aeltje Gerrits Schouten. The poet and textile merchant Reyer Claesz. Ansloo (Rijke Ansloo), died before 28 September 1631 when his widow Hester Willems van Nieuwkerck remarried with Jan Rodenburgh, widower of Annetge Cornelis van Hemert. If Jan Claesz. Ansloo who declared that some of the goods in the present inventory belonged to him was also a son of Claes Claesz. Ansloo I, it is curious that he was not cited in Giert Jans's testament. Jan Claesz. Ansloo, born about 1605, married Fockeltge Pieters van Hoorn of R 25490 of Montias2 on 17 January 1627, and was buried on 5 January 1647. He was a cloth merchant on the Nieuwen Dijck in 't vergulde Schilt (probably the same house formerly known as de Kalckoen Haen) (Elias, Vroedschap, p. 449). Joost Claesz. Ansloo, born about 1590 may have been another son of Claes Claesz. Ansloo I and Giert Jans. He was a cloth seller on the Nieuwen Dijck (waerdijn of the cloth trade in 1634); he married Lijsbet Gerrits Hooft on 4 July 1616. After her death he remarried with Niesje Lamberts Schouten, the daughter of Lambert Cornelisz. Schouten (cited in the NOTES of R 347 of Montias1) and of Christine Matthijs Meijninga, on 10 February 1618 (Jaarboek C.B.G. 35(1981), p. 100). Their daughter Lysbeth married Arent Dircksz. van den Bosch of R 8246. On other members of the Anslo(o) family, see the TEXT to R 13.
Montias1 #1029
Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van Joseph ende Maria
0002 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij een lantschap
0003 [ANONYMOUS] een ditto [schilderij een lantschap]
0004 [ANONYMOUS] een ditto [schilderij] daer Caley den esel slaet
0005 [ANONYMOUS] een schiderij van Rebecca
0006 HONDECOETER, GILLIS DE een ditto [schildery] een hartjacht van Hondekoter
0007 HONDECOETER, GILLIS DE een ditto [een hartjacht van Hondekoter ?] wat cleynder
0008 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery ditto [?]
0010 [ANONYMOUS] een ditto [schildery] de drie coningen