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Ribes, Gabriel de

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Inventory #1292
Call NumberDBK 5072/356, fol. 113 and foll.
PurposeInventory of insolvent individual drawn up at the request of his creditors.
Family NameRibes
Owner NameRibes, Gabriel de
Religionprobably Jewish
IntroductionInventaris van de goederen ... van Gabriel de Ribes portugees
Montias1 #1211
Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] Jacob ende Esau
0002 [ANONYMOUS] de kinderen van Israel
0003 [ANONYMOUS] Coninck David
0004 [ANONYMOUS] Abrahams offerhande
0005 [ANONYMOUS] conterfeytsel
0006 [ANONYMOUS] conterfeytsel
0007 [ANONYMOUS] conterfeytsel