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Renialme, Johannes de

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Inventory #180
Call NumberNA 1915, fols. 663-679
PurposeDeath inventory of debtor under court-ordered supervision
Family NameRenialme
PersonRenialme, Johannes de
Name Modifierand his widow Catharina d'Overdaghe
Life Dates? |d 1657
Marriage Date1629/04/09; 1639/08/19; 1642/12/13
Type of CeremonyK (Reformed Church); K; K
OccupationArtisan |a Goldsmith, jeweler; Retail merchant |a Art dealer
IntroductionInventaris van alle de goederen ende effecten van wijlen Johannes de Renialme, in zijn leven coopman binnen de selfde stadt, soo ende sulcx die bij hem metter doodt ontruijmt ende in zijn sterffhuys bevonden zijn, Gemaeckt op 't versoeck ende aengeven van Catharina d'Overdage, weduwe laest van de gemelte Johannes de Renialme, als moeder ende bij testamente executrice ende oppervoogdesse van haer twee onmondige soonen Johannes ende Constantiens de Renialme, bij de gemelte haer voors. overleden man geprocreert ende indien qualite impetrante van open brieven van mandemant van beneficies van inventaris in date den xiiijen maij xvi sevenenvijftich, bij haer van de Hooge Raede van Hollandt geobtineert, ten overstaen van de eersame Jeuriaen Jaspersz., deurwaerder van de voors. Hooge Raede, in kennisse van my Frans Wtenbogaert not. pub. ... ende den getuijgen naergenoemt. Postscript: Alle welcke voors. huijsraeden en Imboel bij Susanna Anthonis en Weijntje Willems beijde geswooren schatters binnen deser stede getaxeert en gepriseert zijn, soo hier vooren achter de selve staen uijtgedruckt, Actum. T' Amstelredamme , present Jacob Pondt mede notaris en Adriaen Vrijburch inwoonders deser stede als getuijgen hier over gestaen den xx-en Junij 1657. Postscript: Alle welcke voorts. schilderijen ende contrefeijtsels getaxeert ende gepriseert zijn bijde Eersame Marten Kresser coopman alhier ende Adam Cammerarius, kunst schilder, mede woonende alhier ten prijse als achter ider post hier boven uijtgedruckt staen. Actum t' Amstelredamme ter presentie van den voors. Pondt ende Vrijburch, den xxi en Junij xvi C Lvii. Another post script indicated that the jewels, precious and semi-precious stones were appraised by Hendrick Duffelen, gesworen maeckelaer.
CommentaryJohannes de Renialme, art dealer, of Antwerp origin, was born ca. 1600 and died in 1657. He was first married to Maria de Cocquel. On 9 April 1629, he married Margrita Bertolotti van den Heuvel (DTB 434/102). On 19 August 1639, he remarried with Maria Weinrich, widow of the beer brewer Nicolaes Tristram, from Delft, widow of Nicolaes Tristram (DTB 452/24). On 12 August 1640, Joannes de Renialme and Maria Wijnrig had their son Joannes baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Marcus de la Palma (DTB 42/211). His last wife was Catharina d'Overdage whom he married on 1 January 1643 (DTB 458/390). On 19 May 1647, Johannes de Renialme and Catrijna d'Overdage had their daughter Isabella baptized in the presence of Hans Hoster, Josijna Doverdaghe and Anna van Hulft (DTB 93/162). Margrieta Bertolotti van den Heuvel (who died in 1630) was apparently the sister of the important merchant Guglielmo Bertholotti (II), the son of Gulielmo Bertolotti (I) and of Margarita Thibaut, with whom De Renialme was in business contact in 1635 (acts of 1 August and 22 September 1635, NA 843, Not. Hoogeboom). On the former of these two dates, Sr. Joannes de Renialme, on one side, and Guilliame Bertolotti (II), on the other, declared that the afore-said Renialme had sold and Bertolotti had bought the rights to a 1,000 pounds vl. share in the V.O.C. which had been sold by Jacques Boursse (probably II of R 20074 of Montias2). De Renialme lived with his last wife Catharina d'Overdage in de Salamander, which was perhaps the house where the Remonstrant preacher Joannes Wtenbogaert had lived in 1631 on the Kloveniersburgwal. He began his career as a jeweler but, by 1640, concentrated on his art dealing trade. In 1644, he joined the Guild of St. Luke in Delft, which allowed him to carry on his art-dealing activities in that city. In a letter of 19 August 1650 to the Grand Elector Friederich Willem, he offered the Prince 40 tonnen of amber, which, he suggested, the Prince could resell at a good profit. He also offered him rare agathe cups and three paintings by Jan Lievens, Salomon Koningh, and Jan Porcellis. He referred to earlier purchases of the Prince including a perspective by Hercules Seghers, a beach scene by Porcellis, and two still lifes by Pieter van den Bosch (Paul Seidel, Die Ausstellung van Werken der Niederlaendischen Kunst ... Jahrbuch der Prussischen Sammlungen 11(1890), p. 122). De Renialme was buried on 20 April 1657, coming from the Fluwele Burchwal (Strauss, Rembrandt Documents, p. 187). The present inventory was made at the request of his last wife Catharina Overdage, who requested and obtained from the High Court of Holland a writ of mandament van beneficie van inventaris. These writs allowed the principal heir and guardian of the minor children (Johannes de Renialme II and Constantiens, but probably not Isabella who may have died by this time) to determine whether the estate had a positive or negative value before the creditors could seize it or have it handed over to the Desolate Boedelskamer. For further information on this important art dealer, see the NOTES to R 8201 of Montias2.
NotaryF. Uyttenbogaert
AppraiserMarten Kretzer and Adam Cammerarius (for the paintings), Hendrick Duffelen for the jewels, precious and semi-precious stones.
Total Value38483 |d 7 stuivers
Art Value36512 |d 10 stuivers
# of Items583
Montias1 #100
Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry

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