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Conincksloo, Gillis van

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Inventory #733
ArchivesGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/942
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family NameConincksloo
PersonConincksloo, Gillis van
Life Dates1544 |d 1606
Marriage Date1570; 1603/08/23
OccupationArtist |a Painter
ResidenceOp de Turffmarkct in Amsterdam.
IntroductionOp ten eersten Marty 1607 zyn ter ordonnancie van de heeren weesmeesteren vercoft de goederen achtergelaten by Gillis van Conincksloo op ses weecken dagh.
CommentaryThe painter Gillis van Conincxloo was born in Antwerp in 1544. He married Maeyken Robroeck in Antwerp and, after her death, Geertgen van Eeden in 1603. He lived in Middelburg from the beginning of 1585 to 1587, then spent 8 years in Frankenthal. In the middle of 1595, he settled in Amsterdam, of which he became a citizen in 1597. He died in 1606. He was an ardent Calvinist (Briels, Zuidnederlandse immigratie, pp. 221-222). In the year of his death, 1606, he bought lots in the Haarlem lottery for 12 st. voor Helena jongh in jaren, rijckt sij een goet lot, sij sal wel bewaren (Helena was his daughter) (20/37 F 138). N. de Roever suggested, on the basis of the similarity in titles of certain lots, that several paintings and water colors in the sales held at the request of Hans van Conincxloo (INVNO 749), [anonymous] (INVNO 750), and Pieter Isaacksz. (INVNO 751) belonged to the estate of Gillis van Conincxloo ( Oud Holland 3(1885), pp. 40-44). In some cases, indicated in the NOTES for these works of art in Montias2, I have indicated that the identity was at least plausible. In the case of the sale held at the request of Pieter Isaacksz., in which there is a single coincidence of titles, the identity seems improbable to me.
NotaryG. Jacobs
Total Value3557 |d 17 st.
Art Value3208 |d
# of Items559
Montias1 #634
Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry

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