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Artist NameAdam Willers
Artist ActiveUtrecht |a 1602-1654
Verbatim EntryNo. 44 1 teeckeningh van Adam Willers van schepen f 55:--:--
Montias SubjectSHIPS, SEASCAPE
Object Typedrawing
Value55.0 |t gulden
BuyerDirck van Wissel
Buyer FamilyWissel, Dirck van
Buyer NotesOn 16 September 1622, Dirck van Wisselt, from Haarlem, 28 years old, living on the Nieuwen Dijck, was betrothed to Catharina Rombouts, 27, assisted by her mother Nannick (Anna) de Wilde, living on the Fluwele Burchwal (DTB 427/255). He was already living on the Nieuwen Dijck on 10 July 1617 when he was said to have bought 77 pounds of colored silk from a German merchant (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P. 78(1933), p. 244). Catharina Rombouts was the daughter of Jacques Rombouts (of INVNO 727) and the sister of Jacob Rombouts (of R 19454) who married Gertruyd Arminius, the daughter of the famous predikant Jacobus Arminius. On 7 May 1628, Dirck van Wissel and Catharina Rombouts had their son Joannes baptized in the N.K. in the presence of his maternal uncle Jacob (Jacquesz.) Rombouts (DTB 40/450). On 28 January 1625, the masters of the Orphan Chamber named Dirck van Wissel and Jacob van Beeck (of R 20619) as guardians over the children of Hendrick Hoefslager of INVNO 579 (WK 5073/513, fol. 27). On 12 December 1625, Dirck van Wissel declared before the Orphan Chamber that his children that he has or may still have with Catherina Rombouts were entitled to a legacy of 8,000 f. from their grand uncle Hans Rombouts (of INVNO 200, R 118 of Montias1) (WK 5073/789). Dirck van Wissel paid a tax of 120 f. in 1631, at which time he lived on the Keysersgracht (Kohier, p. 68, fol. 296). From a declaration dated 10 July 1617, published by Van Dillen (Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven, R.G.P. 78(1933), p. 244), it would appear that Dirck van Wissel or Wesselt, living on the Nieuwen Dijck, was a cloth merchant. On 1 February 1636, Willem Sweers and Dirck van Wisselt, who, besides Guilliamen Sweers (of R 30037), were administrators of the Blaeuwe Huijs in Amsterdam left by Hans Rombouts, merchant (of INVNO 200), named Guilliam Sweers to act in their behalf in a suit against Flips Rombouts living in France (NA 597, fol. 242-3, Not. Lamberti). On 27 March 1636, Dirck van Wisselt and Hendrick Verburgh (of R 7658), both merchants, were guardians over the children of Leendert Pietersen Goud Appel. The former gave the latter a procuration to appear before the court in The Hague regarding a suit that the estate was carrying on with Marten Crijnssen Weijtes (NA 521, film 6505, Not. Westfrisius). On 26 January 1638, Dirck van Wisselt, merchant, 44 (confirming the year of his birth given at the time of his betrothal above), gave a deposition at the request of Maria Wouters, widow of Lenert Pieters Gout Appel (ibid.). On 27 January 1638, Catharina Rombouts, wife of Dirck van Wisselt, merchant, made a codicille to her testament, naming Charles (Carel) van Peenen instead of Willem Sweers as one of her heirs (NA 522, film 4861, Not. Westfrisius). Carel van Peenen I, who died between 1609 and 1617, and Carel van Peenen II were merchants of South Netherlandish origin (Gelderblom, Zuid-Nederlandse kooplieden, p. 310). Carel van Peenen (or Pennen) II married (in Delft) Anna Hoynck on 13 June 1623. He was related to Hans van Solt II via the latter's second wife, whose sister was married to Pieter van Peene (De Navorscher 84(1935), p. 36). Carel van Peenen II owned a house on the Rozengracht which was leased by the painter Nicolaes Rosendael (Bredius, K√ľnstler-inventare p.546). Jan Fasijn died on 19 September 1646, his wife Catharina Rombouts on 12 October 1661 (Nederlandse Leeuw 1924, p. 212.)
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale) |a Cloth, silk
Montias2 Record20620

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/954
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number579
Lot Number0048
Inventory Date1625/03/19
Owner NameHoeffslager, Hendrick