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Artist NameKM
Authority NameMANDER, KAREL VAN (I)
Artist ActiveHaarlem |a 1583-1603
Verbatim Entryno.54 1 uts. [stuckgen] KM f 10:--:--
Object Typepainting
Value10 |t gulden
BuyerPhilips Soet
Buyer FamilySoet (Soete), Philips
Buyer NotesPhilips Soet(e) was a retail merchant (kramer) and dealer in iron ware, born in Gent, who was first noted in Amsterdam in 1590 (Gelderblom, Zuid-Nederlandse kooplieden, p. 314). On 1 January 1592 Philips Zoete recalled a procuration he had made in favor of Jacob Pietersz. de Haese (NA 43, fol. 16, Not. Heilinc, Extracten). On 27 July 1592, Mathis Odet, Claude Heripon (the father of Abel de Heripon of R 20454), Jacques de Cordes, Fernando Oijens, Reinier de Loker, Daniel Cambier, Jan Braems (probably of INVNO 563), Huijbrecht van den Broeck (probably the father of Andries van den Broeck of R 28792), Philips Zoete, Geerardt Verpoorten (of R 27491), Gilbert de Flines I (the father of Philips de Flines of R 25445), Jan le Cocq, Jan Gabrie, Cornelis van Tongerloo, Ambrosius Kempen (of R 37055), Hans van Gheel (of INVNO 785), Jan van Tongerloo, and Pauwels de Buijs (probably of INVNO 501), all merchants in Amsterdam, all creditors of Pieter van Houten and of Jan Willemsz. Hoede, both insolvent (faillit), drew up a procuration to empower Salomon Moreau (a merchant born in Antwerp) and Jan le Bruijn (Lebrun) to arrest the goods of Van Houten and Hoede. Jacques de Cordes, Jean Gabri(e), Fernando Oijens, and Reijnier de Loker were merchants born in Southern Netherlands (Gelderblom, op. cit. pp. 298, 301, 307, and 309.) Cornelis van Tongerloo was involved in numerous enterprises, including glass-making, the drying up of polders, etc.. He was an important cloth manufacturer but had become insolvent at the time of his death in 1617 (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P. 78(1933), pp. xvii and 187). Pieter van Houten was a feathers merchant (see also the NOTES to R 29666), probably born in Antwerp. He was the father of Olivier van Houte, likewise feathers merchant, who died in Antwerp on 2 March 1653, leaving a fairly rich inventory (Duverger, Antwerpse kunstinventarissen 7(1993), p. 11). Jan Cambier was a broker in 1612 (act of 25 May 1612, Van Dillen, op.cit. p.8). On 29 July 1592, Gerrit Dreeshout was added to the list of creditors (NA 43, fol. 23, Not. Heilinc, Extracten). On 29 October 1592, Philips Zoete and Vincent Stalpaert dissolved a company that they had run together. Stalpaert's share came to 3,000 f. (NA 43, fol. 107, Not. Heylinc). Pieter van Houten's financial problems apparently continued for many years. On 22 June 1618, Jan le Bruijn (cited above, signs Le Brun), merchant, 58, declared at the request of Adriaen Tack that he was well aware that the producent (Tack) had delivered to Pieter van Houten, among other other merchandise, a bale of linen (NA 362, film 6403, fol. 361vo.) On Adriaen Tack, see R 373 of Montias1. In 1606, Philips Soet bought lots in the Haarlem lottery for 5 f. 8 st. (GAA, 73/16 F 580). In a document of 29 March 1609, Philips Zoet was cited as an investor in the diking of the landen bij Hoogeboom in East Frisia. Soet was named Heemraed (dikereeve) of these lands. The other investors were Jacob Pietersz. de Haes, Jacob Thomassen van Dael, Jan Thijsz. Vleijshouwer, Lambert Cornelisz. Schouten, Pauwels van der Voort as guardian of Susanna van der Voort, Cornelis Wilmersdonck, Artus van der Voort (father of Abraham van der Voort of R 32595), Susanna van der Voort (or Voorde) was the daughter of Artus (Aert) van der Voort and the niece of Pauwels van der Voort. Hans van Wijnegom, Jan van Harinchouck and Gerrit Reyniersz. (NA 111, fol. 137, Not. Bruijningh, Extracten). In a document of 5 March 1619, the partners (compagnons) in the same dikage were, besides Philips Soet, Joos van Herema, Guilliam Seneschael (probably of R 35885), Jan Harinckhoeck, Paulus Sterlincx, Isaac van der Voort, Willem Cornelisz. Veltes in de Rijp, and Caspar Hasebrouck (NA 542, fol. 8-10, Not. Westfrisius, Extracten). On 24 December 1618, Philips Soete, Cornelis Stalpaert, for himself and for his brother Adriaen Stalpaert, sold to Ryck Andries a brewery in Campen situated on the Corenmarckt (NA 381, fol. 562). Cornelis Stalpaet, as will be shown below, was the brother of Philips Soete's wife Eva Stalpaert. Phillips Soete died on 15 February 1620. When he was buried in the O.K. a couple of days thereafter, he was said to be living in the Warmoestraet in de Bel. He must have been Roman Catholic, seeing that the bells were rung for two hours (DTB 1044/54). His widow, Eva Stalpaert, from Leiden, living on the Kerkhof, remarried with Dirck Alewijn, widower of Maria Schuurmans, on 12 April 1622 (DTB 669/82). According to a declaration of Eva Stalpaert, dated 29 November 1625, she and her brother Cornelis Stalpaert were entitled to 14,191 f. 8 st. 4 pen. plus another sum of 12,000 f. from the inheritance of her first husband (Philips Soete) (NA 391, fol. 355, Not. J. Jacobs, Extracten). In another act dated 15 June 1630, she stated that she and Philips Soete had passed a testament on the day of Soete's death, by which they bequathed all their property in Flanders to Joost Ranst and Cathelina Soete, half brother and sister of Soete (NA 241, fol. 291, Extracten). Dirck Alewijn (Halewijn), cloth dealer, and Maria Schuurmans had three children who, after Maria's death, were placed under the guardianship of Reynier Pauw de jonge, Warnar Ernst van Bassen (of R 28868) and Pieter Jansz. Can (of R 27284) by order of the masters of the Orphan Chamber dated 14 October 1622 (WK 5073/513, fol. 7).
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Montias2 Record21444

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/944
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number605
Lot Number0192
Inventory Date1612/08/28
Owner NameRauwart, Claes