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Artist NameGP
Artist ActiveAmsterdam |a 1600-1628
Verbatim Entryno.27 Hercules op doeck GP f 10:--:--
Montias SubjectMYTHOLOGY
Object Typepainting
Value10 |t gulden
BuyerWessel Backer
Buyer FamilyBacker, Wessel
Buyer NotesOn 18 November 1604, Wessel Backer, from Riga, 28 years of age, living on the O.Z. Voorburchwal, was betrothed to Grietje Wessels, 30 (DTB 411/353). On 2 October 1605 and on 20 March 1609, Wessel Backer, merchant in Amsterdam, freighted ships to Riga (Winkelman, Bronnen voor de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Oostzeehandel R.G.P. 184(1983), p. 270, and 185(1983), p. 41.) On 21 July 1622, he signed a petition, with several other merchants, supporting the attempt of ash collectors to suppress competition of outsiders in carrying away ashes (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven 78(1933), p. 459). Wessel Backer, living at the above address, in de Arm, bought several lots in the Haarlem lottery, including 7 lots for 1 f. 16 st. (GAA 3/6 F 15 and 26/86 F 190.) In 1631, Wessel Backer, living on the Keysersgracht, paid a tax of 75 f. (Kohier, fol. 97, p. 23). The next name listed in the Kohier was that of Heijltje Wessels, who paid 20 f. Heijltje Wessels, the daughter of Wessel Rijcksz. and of Hendrickgen Hendricks Pock, was married to Ysbrant Ben Albertsz., who died in 1625. In an act of 20 December 1635, he was said to be the swager of Wessel Backer. (NA 772, Not. Verhey and Elias, Vroedschap, pp. 217-8). Wessel Backer was a deacon of the Lutheran Community. As one of 27 aalmoezeniers (provisioners for the poor), he signed a petition in 1627 concerning the collection of a levy on grain for the benefit of the poor (Maandblad Amstelodamum 74(1987), p. 87). On 6 September 1633, Harmen Roosman from Rebel (on the Baltic sea) named Wessel Backer to handle his affairs, in particular, in case the ship and goods of [...] Baltesz. should be sequestered (NA 770, Not. Verhey). On 7 December 1633, Wessel Backer, merchant, in the name and of behalf of Johan Furchtingh, counsellor in Lubeck. and Pieter Adriaensz. van Delff and Aris Claesz., both master stone sculptors (steenhowers) signed a contract for the making of an epitaph (apparently for Furchtingh). The epitaph of red marble and alabaster base, was to cost 800 rijksdaelders (2,000 f.) (NA 771, fol. 103, Not. Verhey). Pieter Adriaensz. van Delft and his brother Claes Adriaensz. had both been apprenticed as mason/sculptors to the architect Hendrick de Keyser (Ann Adams, The Paintings of Thomas de Keyser, Ph.D. Dissertation, p. 21). Pieter Adriaensz. van Delff, sculptor, was said to be 42 years old in a deposition of 18 August 1618, made at the request of Hillebrant Bentelsz. van Hasselt, the father of the sculptor Bartholomeus Hillebrantsz. who, for four years, had been the pupil of Pieter Adriaensz., and had thereby completed his apprenticeship (NA 362, fol. 470). He was married to Anna Neurenborch, who was certainly related to Guilleam van Neurenburch of R 33370. He was also the brother of Dirck Ariaensz. van Delft of INVNO 509 and the uncle of Dirck Dircksz. van Delft of INVNO 178. Hillebrant Bentelsz. van Hasselt cannot be identical with Hillebrant Bentes of INVNO 348, who was born about 1591. On 30 March 1634, Adriaen Jacobsz. van Noord (of R 20404) and Hendrick Colijn (of R 26959), were cited as arbiters in a dispute over Rieuwert Sijmonsz. as guardian of the three children left by Mr. Anthony Foreest (cited in the NOTES to 31254), procreated by Maria Wouters, on one side; Wessel Backer, owner of the Groen Spijcker, located on the Boomsloot, and Bruijn Pietersz., carpenter, as owner of the house next to the Groen Spijcker, which had been bought from Foreest, as second part; and Jan Jansz. Koeckebacker (cited in the NOTES to R 26517) in the name of Jannetge Cornelis, wife of Cristiaen Foreest, who was surety for the purchase of the house, on the third side (NA 843, fol. 681, Not. Hoogeboom). On 23 January 1637, the honorable Wessel Backer, 60, merchant, declared at the request of Herman Jacobsz. [Nottenskerck?], merchant, that, in presence of the late Hendrick Boelsz., procureur (of R 21623), he had gone to the house of Andries Cuijlardt, son-in-law of Hendrick Boelsz., and there he had heard Cuijlaert say that all the wine that he had sold to Pieter Moreau were syn schult (to be paid by him?) (NA 995, film 1225, Not. G. Coren). On Andries Cuijlaert, see the TEXT of R 1279 of INVNO 1260.
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Montias2 Record21468

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/944
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number605
Lot Number0214
Inventory Date1612/08/28
Owner NameRauwart, Claes