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Artist Name[anonymous]
Authority Name[ANONYMOUS]
Verbatim Entrylet[ter] A f 12:10:--
Object Typepainting
Value12.5 |t gulden
BuyerJasper Vickevoort
Buyer FamilyVickevoort (Wickevoort), Jasper (Casper) Jansz. van
Buyer NotesThe buyer, Jasper Jansz. Wickevoort, born in Antwerp, was a merchant (1554-1634), living in the Warmoesstraet. He became a citizen of Amsterdam on 20 December 1603 (Gelderblom, Prosopographic Data Base). He was the son of the Antwerp-born merchant Jan Wickevoort(I), who became a citizen of Amsterdam in 1590 and died in 1593 or earlier (Gelderblom, ibid.) According to Elias (Vroedschap, p. 456), Jan Wickevoort I was betrothed to Catharina Rendorp (Rentorp) (1574-1611) on 16 November 1591 (in de Pui). She was the daughter of Joris Hermansz. Rendorp (born in Antwerp) (I) who spent many years trading in Moscovy (he died between 1611 and 1615) and of Lijntje Marijns (1556-after 1620) (E. Wijnroks, Handel tussen Rusland en de Nederlanden, 1560-1640, pp. 273-5). Joris Rendorp (I) was temporarily banned from Amsterdam in 1604 for his Lutheran activities (Elias, Vroedschap, p. 456, note g). 439, fol. 131vo, Not. P. Matthijsz., Extracten). In 1607, Joris Rendorp I became insolvent. In September of that year he transferred his possessions to his son-in-law Caspar van Wickevoort(I). The latter was wealthy enough to assume Rendorp's debts. In 1613, the estate of Van Wickevoort's wife amounted to 420,000 f. (Wijnroks, ibid.) On 1 November 1598, Caspar van Wickevoort had his son Jaspar baptized in the Lutheran Church in the presence of Jacques Lems and Elisabeth Bosschaerts (DTB 138/21). Elisabeth Bosschaerts may have been a sister of Margreta Bosschaert, Jasper's putative second wife. On 16 November 1600, Caspar van Wickevoorts I had his daughter Catalina baptized in the Lutheran church in the presence of Hans Wiederhuysen and Sara van Someren (DTB 138/30). Sara van Someren was the daughter of Barent van Someren (of R 20424) and of Eleanor Mytens. On or about 4 October 1636, Sara van Someren, assisted by her parents, named Adriaen Muller, doctor in both law and medicine, Secretary of the town of Emerick, to claim rights in Cleves, Middelburgh, etc. (NA 372, fol. 13). On Hans Wyderhuysen, see R 29463. On 24 December 1606, Caspar van Wickevoort I had his son Abraham baptized in the same church in the presence of Gerardt Verpoorten (of R 27491) and of Paulus Bosschaert (of R 27456) on behalf of Abraham Adriaensz. and of Clara Couschot, wife of Schamps (DTB 138/72). Abraham Adriaensz. was the (second ?) husband of Anne Bosschaert (R 27688). Finally, on 7 April 1608, Caspar (Jasper) van Wickevoort(I) had his son Isaack baptized in the same church in the presence of Catelyn Joosten and Lynken Rendorps (DTB 138/87). Also in 1608, Jasper van Wickevoort, along with a number of other Amsterdam merchants, signed a petition to the burgomasters of Amsterdam, requesting the revocation of the prohibition on the use of cashiers to effect money transactions (Van Dilen, Wisselbanken, 59(1925), p. 16). On 8 August 1613, Jasper van Wickevoort(I), merchant, presented his seven children before the Orphan Chamber, namely Jan, 20, Joachim, 17, Samuel, 16, Jasper, 14, Maria, 9, Abraham, 7, and Jacob, 4, whose mother was Catherine Rendorp (WK 5073/787, cited in Wijnroks op.cit. pp. 275-6). After the death of his first wife, Jasper van Vickevoort appears to have remarried with Margriete Bosschaert at some uncertain date (see INVNO 997, TEXT of R 197 and the NOTES to R 27688). She died in a house in de Oost Indische gracht near the Ruslandt in 1632. She apparently sold table linen (NA 568, film 6548, fol. 511 and foll.) On 3 August 1617, the honorable Sr. Jasper van Vickevoort, 62, and Pauwels Pels, 32, both merchants, declared at the request of Jan van Beeringen (also cited below) that the latter was free of the plague (NA 381, film 6413, notaries Jacob and Nicolaes Jacobsz.) On Pauwels Pelt, see the NOTES to R 29305. Jasper van Vickervoort (probably I) was taxed 500 f. in 1631, at which time he lived between the kay of the Dolhuys and the Doelen (Elias, Vroedschap, p. 456 and Kohier, fol. 247, with name corrected in corrigenda, p. 56). In an act of 6 June 1633, Casper van Wickevoort I declared having received a letter from his son Casper van Wickevoort II in Paris (NA 770, film 5191). On 30 June 1634, Isaack van Weijden, assisted by his uncle Casper van Wickevoort de oude(I) and Hendrick Craemer (see below), on one side, and Josina Bentes, assisted by her uncles Valerius van Gistelen de oude (of R 25367) and Pieter van Leyden (cited in the NOTES to R 28958), on the other side, signed a pre-nuptial contract (NA 771, film 5191, Not. Verhey). In 1645, Isaack van der Weyden, along with many other Amsterdam merchants, signed a petition to the Amsterdam Vroedschap calling for the enforcement of a 1622 regulation regarding the Dutch currency (Van Dillen, Wisselbanken R.G.P. 59(1625), p.88). On July 8th 1636, Caspar van Wickevoort II gave away his daughter Maria in marriage to Cornelis Weesenbeeck. She was also assisted, when the marriage contract was signed on this date, by his brothers Johannes and Jochem. He was assisted by Philips Pelt (of R 28903) and Phillips de Golts (NA 771, film 5191, Not. Verhey). Maria van Wickevoort who married Cornelis Weesenbeck may not be identical with the woman of that name who was said to be the widow of Thielman van Beringen on 21 September 1619 (NA 382, fol. 86). On 23 December 1634, Kasper Fijckfoort (I) was buried. 15 f. was paid for the ringing of the bells, which indicates that he may have become Roman Catholic (DTB1045/68). On the day before he was buried, Johannes, Joachim (II), Daniel, and Casper van Wickevoort (II), and Cornelis van Weesenbeeck as the husband and guardian of Maria van Wickevoort, together with Hendrick Craemer and Jan van Beringe, as testamentary guardians of Cornelis and Catarina van Wickevoort, named Johannes van Wickevoort and Cornelis van Weesenbeeck to represent them concerning the accounts of the late Gasper van Wickevoort (I) with the (Wissel) Bank (NA 771, Not. Verhey). Jan van Beringe(n) was also a merchant who signed the 1645 petition cited above. On 23 November 1636, Joachim (II), Daniel, and Casper (Jasper) (II) van Wickevoort, for themselves, and on behalf of Cornelis van Weesenbeeck, as husband and guardian of Maria van Wickevoort, Jan van Beringen and Hendrick Cramer, testamentary guardians over Cornelis and Catarina Wickevoort, together children and heirs of the late Casper van Wickevoort, merchant, drew up a procuration to collect money due to the estate in Heusden (NA 773, film 5193, Not. Verhey). Gaspar Vickevoort, who was buried on 5 November 1648, was probably his son, Gasper Vickevoort II, baptized on 1 November 1598 (DTB 1055/49). It was probably this same son, whose name Denuce spelled Gaspar van Ricquevoort, who bought marble statues at the sale of Jacques Breijel, from Antwerp, on 13 September 1646, for 420 f. (J. Denuce, Na Pieter Paul Rubens, p.56). Finally, Caspar Wickevoort who was buried on 30 August 1661 in the NZK (DTB 1068/84) was perhaps a grandson of our buyer.
Buyer ReligionLutheran
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Montias2 Record21502

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/944
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number605
Lot Number0244
Inventory Date1612/08/28
Owner NameRauwart, Claes