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Artist NameKM
Authority NameMANDER, KAREL VAN (I)
Artist ActiveHaarlem |a 1583-1603
Verbatim Entryno.32 1 rontgen KM f 13:--:--
Object Typepainting
Value13 |t gulden
BuyerHans van Solt de jonge
Buyer FamilySolt (Soldt), Hans van, de jonge (II)
Buyer NotesHans van Solt II was the son of Hans van Solt I (of R 29281) and of Elisabeth Rombouts. He was born in Antwerp about 1585, stayed some time in Haarlem, and then settled in Amsterdam, where he was first noted in 1606 (Gelderblom, Zuid-Nederlandse kooplieden, p. 314). He was living in de Weeshuis when he bought lots for 8 f. 8 st. in the Haarlem lottery of 1606 (GAA 11/66 F 79). He married Maria de Wolf on 15 September 1607. She was born in Haarlem and was living there at the time. After her death, which occurred on 16 November 1622 (De Navorscher 84(1935), p. 37), he was again betrothed, on 30 January 1626, with Agatha van Marel (signs Merlen), 23 years old, assisted by her father Hans van Marel (Maerlen) and Maria van Marel (Maerlen) (her sister) (DTB 431/36). He was thus the son-in-law of Jan (or Hans) van Maerlen, at whose auction sale (INVNO 270), he appeared as a buyer of many lots. Hans van Solt de jonge, living on the Kalverstraet, had an account at the Wisselbank in 1609, 1611, 1612 and 1615 (Van Dillen, Het oudste aandeelhoudersregister. p.224). In 1610, he was involved in a dispute with Henrick Boot, silk spinner (sydereeder) (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven, 69(1929), p. 703.) Hendrick Boot is probably identical with the retail merchant from Brussels, first noted in Amsterdam in 1604 (Gelderblom, op. cit. p. 296). He married Catrina Sweers (the daughter of Hans van Solt II's aunt Tanneken Rombouts). Catrina Sweers (or Sweerts) was also apparently the sister of Willem Lenertsz. Sweers of R 30037, who died on 22 September 1618 (De Navorscher 84(1935), p. 37). On 10 May 1628, Francina van Solt II, the sister of Hans van Solt II, appeared before the Orphan Chamber on behalf of her daughter Sybema, 2 1/2, procreated by Bouritius Sybema, living near Leeuwarden (WK 5073/789). On 12 September 1629, Pauwels Bocx and Jan Kinckhuysen, appeared as executors of the testament of Maria Bocx, married to the merchant Jan Bocx. Maria Bocx is identical with Maria van Solt, one of the daughters of Hans van Solt I. The daughter of Maria Bocx/van Solt was named Clara Bocx. Maria van Solt was now married to Gabriel Nicolaj (WK 5073/789). On 5 November 1637, Daniel Janssen, tailor, and Sara Box, man and wife, living in Zierikzee, named Hans Remiers (Reyniersz.?) and Hans van Solt (II) to act in their names to request prompt payment of 700 f., which had been bequathed to them before her death by Francine van Solt and by the late Maria van Solt, wife of Box (NA 521, Not. Westfrisius). On 10 December 1630, Hans van Soldt de jonge (II) transferred to his brother David van Soldt all his goods and his merchandise, of what sort they might be, including household goods (huijsraet) of linen and wool, tin, copper, iron ware, and paintings that belonged to him and to his wife during their life time, the clothing, linen, wool, and silk, also included (NA 842, Not. Hoogeboom). In 1631, Hans van Solt de jonge was taxed 90 f. (living on the Groene Burchwal) in 1631 (Kohier, fol. 224, p. 51). The Hans van Solt, who lived on the Kaij vant Dolhuis tot de doelen and was taxed 800 f., was probably Hans van Solt de oude of R 29281 (ibid. fol. 247). Hans van Solt de jonge was the brother-in-law of Constantia, Maria, and Lucretia van Maerle who were all buyers at auction (R 8195, R 8149, and R 8195 resp.) After the death of Hans van Solt de oude in 1633, many acts were passed before notaries concerning the inheritance. On 8 June 1635, Notary Hogeboom brought three obligations to the Orphan Chamber on behalf of the children of Pieter Loots, merchant, married to the late Catharina (an error for Susanna?) van Solt, coming from Francyntge van Solt (I), her grandaunt and from David van Solt, her uncle, coming from the inheritance from Hans van Solt (I), her grandfather. The obligations were for 400 f, 1000 f, and 200 f. (WK 5073/789). On 10 September 1635, the same notary noted that questien (disputes) had arisen between Hans van Soldt de jonge, on the one hand; David van Soldt, for himself and as executor of the testament of Hans van Soldt de oude; Jacques de Schot (cited in the NOTES to R 7709), armed with a procuration from his stepmother Elisabeth van Soldt; Johannes Seeuwens, for himself; Jacob Rombouts (probably of R 19454), appointed by the Chamber Masters as guardian over the innocent (retarded) and minor son of the late Catharina van Soldt, procreated by Abraham Seeuwens (of R 29592); together with Hans Loos, for himself and as guardian over Willem Loos, all children of the late [left blank] van Soldt, and Cornelis Jansz. Hoogeboom as administrator appointed by the Orphan Masters over the estate of Hans van Soldt(I) on the other side. The dispute concerned the sum of 3,294 Vlemish pounds and 15 schellingen and 3 groot vlams. Abraham Anthonisz. (of R 20033) and the notary Jacob Jacobsz. were named arbiters (NA 412A, fol. 168, Not. Jacob and Nicolas Jacobsz.) On [blank] September 1637, Agatha van Maerle repudiated her portion of the inheritance from her father (NA 991, fol. 65, Not. J. Bosch). On 3 September 1637, Christina, Constantia, and Lucretia van Maerle declared that, even though Agatha's portion of the inheritance had been repudiated, they were willing to cede her portion to Agatha's children (ibid. fol.65). On 30 June 1639, Hans van Solt de jonge transferred to his sister-in-law Maria van Maerle a number of paintings (along with some other goods), listed in INVNO 486 of R 387 in Montias1. The exact date of his death is not known. Agatha van Maerlen remarried with Abraham Spiers (de jonge ?), probably the brother of Jan Spiers of R 23553. She died on 6 July 1659 and was buried in The Hague. Out of Hans van Solt II's first marriage (with Maria de Wolf), there were four children: 1) Hans or Johannes van Solt, apprenticed in 1632, 26 years old in 1634 (see below), later lieutenant at sea, died after 1665; 2) Antonij van Solt, silk retail merchant, baptized in the N.K. on 26 June 1612, became a citizen of Amsterdam in 1641, was betrothed to Hester van Soest (I) (cited in the TEXT of R 1074 of Montias1) on 2 April 1638, and was buried on 20 January 1648. 3) Hester van Solt, born about 1615, died in Amsterdam in 1665. 4) Paules (Paulus) van Solt (II), baptized in the N.K. on 19 July 1616, was betrothed to Catharijna de Gruijter on 19 March 1650, and died before 1681. Out of the second marriage (with Agatha van Maerlen): 1) David van Solt (II) baptized in the O.K. on 24 January 1627, married Anna Locke, and was buried in Amsterdam on 2 June 1657; 2) Jacobus van Solt, probably the Italianate painter of that name, baptized in the N.K. on 11 June 1628; 3) Theodore van Solt, baptized in the N.K. on 17 March 1630; 4) Elisabeth van Solt, baptized in the O.K. on 28 September 1631; 5) Maria van Solt (II), baptized in the N.K. on 12 February 1634, married Christiaen Helm, receiver of the Fort of Gennep (information kindly supplied by Wout Spies and Marten Jan Bok). On 19 April 1632, Hans van Solt de jonge (II) and Jan Dusart, silk spinner in Utrecht, signed a contract according to which Hans van Solt (III) probably identical with his son Johannes from his first marriage, would learn the art of silk dyeing with Dusart. The father advanced a guarantee of 600 f. (NA 843. fol. 112, Not. Hoogeboom). By [?] November 1632, Jan Dusart had borrowed money from Hans van Solt II. To secure the loan, he transferred to Solt all his household goods, including paintings, kettles, pots, wood, copper and ironware, etc.. (for his dyeing business) (NA 843, fol. 446, Not. Hoogeboom).
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Montias2 Record21567

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/944
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number605
Lot Number0292
Inventory Date1612/08/28
Owner NameRauwart, Claes