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Artist Name[anonymous]
Authority Name[ANONYMOUS]
Verbatim Entry4 ditto [conterfeijtsels] f 1: 1:--
Object Typeprint
Value0.26 |t gulden
BuyerHans Auxbrebis
Buyer FamilyAuxbrebis (Aux Brebis), Hans II
Buyer NotesThe buyer was apparently the nephew of Hans aux Brebis I, from Antwerp (of R 29461), who married Catrijn Jansdr. Garijn in April 1596 (DTB 407/184). Catrijn Jans was the daughter of Jan Garijn, a merchant originally from Antwerp, first noted in Amsterdam in 1585 (Gelderblom, Zuid-Nederlandse kooplieden, p. 301). Hans Aux Brebis I (or possibly II) was living in Sevenbergen in the Warmoesstraet in 1606 when he bought lots for 1 f. 16 st. in the Haarlem lottery (GAA, 13/13 F 86). In 1609, he lived in the Blauwe boucquetten in the Nes (R 29461). He seems to have been a member of the Rederijkerskamer 't Wit Lavendel in 1613 (Kalff, Geschiedenis ..., vol. 4, p. 60). Hans aux Brebis II was 22 years old when he was betrothed to Sara Degens on 6 May 1608. He was living on the O.Z. Achterburchwal and was assisted by Edewaert Pels de jonge. She was 17 and assisted by her parents Hans Barbies and Margrieta Degens (DTB 413/178). Eduart Pels de jonge may be the buyer of R 38618. On 6 August 1613, Hans aux Brebis and Zara Degens had their daughter Anne baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Anthonis Beaumont (DTB 39/324). Anthony Beaumont was married to Anne aux Brebis, who was probably the sister of Hans aux Brebis II (DTB 5/307). On 11 April 1624, Hans Auxbrebis, from Antwerp, widower of Sara de Gens, living in the Nes, assisted by his neef Anthonis de Beaumont, was betrothed to Hester Mostart, from Antwerp, 29, assisted by her father Daniel Mostart, living op't Water (DTB 429/75). Daniel Mostart II (of R 21940) was named Secretary of the City of Amsterdam in 1622. On 16 June 1626, Hans aux Brebis and Ester Mostart had their son Daniel baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Daniel Mostart (DTB 40/348). On 6 September 1633, Hans Aux Brebis (II), merchant, along with some other prominent Amsterdam merchants, declared that non-citizens Amsterdam were also subject to its laws and regulations (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P. 144(1974), p. 22). Hans Auxbrebis (II) paid a tax of 100 f. in 1631, at which time he lived in the Warmoesstraet (Kohier, fol. 167vo, p. 39). He had bought the house on the Warmoesstraet in January 1630 from the heirs of Marten Spil (of R 31708) for 18,200 f. The sureties were Anthoni van Bemont (Beaumont) and Gulliam Motaer (presumably Gulliam Mostaert of R 25538) (Kam, Waar was dat huis in de Warmoesstraat? 1968, 33/15). In February 1645, Hans Auxbrebis II signed a petition calling for the strict enforcement of the currency regulations of 1622 (Van Dillen, Wisselbanken, R.G.P. 59(1925), p. 89). On 13 October 1635, Hans aux Brebis (II), Leendert Leendertsz. van Ceulen, and Anthony van Heeden (of INVNO 255), all merchants, made a deposition at the request of Abraham Decker, sworn broker (of R 20970) (NA 695A, film 4981). Hans aux Brebis II was a regent of the Leprozenhuis in 1656 (Wagenaar, Amsterdam, vol. 2, p. 316.) On 28 October 1646, Hans aux Brebis (II) and Hester Mostert, assisted their niece Catherina Danckerts, upon her betrothal to Pieter van Conincxloo, merchant, assisted by his cousins Anthony Wouters and Jan Moor, both merchants (Oud Holland 16(1898), p. 143). Pieter van Conincxloo was the son of Hans van Conincxloo II (of R 29348) and the brother of Hans van Conincxloo III (of R 21404). On Anthony Wouters, see the NOTES to R 21404. On 30 September 1653, Hans aux Brebis (II) requested the inventory of the late Bartolomeus aux Brebis (married to Janneken Cotermans), living on the Keizersgracht, who must have died before 1639 when Janneken Cotermans was said to be his widow. Bartolomeus aux Brebis was perhaps the uncle of Hans aux Brebis II, the brother of Hans aux Brebis I (NA 1104, film 1287). Hans aux Brebis II (possibly III) was buried on 25 September 1666 (DTB 1101/42). The inventory of Hans aux Brebis II, taken on 7 May 1678, contained a meysje by Rembrandt, assessed 30 f., and a vrouwe trony, also by Rembrandt, assessed 3 f. (Hofstede de Groot, Die Urkunden ├╝ber Rembrandt, pp. 405-6). Herman aux Brebis, cited below, must be the son of Hans aux Brebis I since he was born about 1617 (see his age given below) while Hans aux Brebis II was only married in 1608. On 3 October 1642, Heerman aux Brebis, from Amsterdam, about 25, merchant, assisted by his father Hans aux Brebis, living in the Warmoestraet, was betrothed to Maria van Zinnick (the daughter of Dirck van Zinnick (of R 21437), of Amsterdam, about 21, assisted by her father Dirck van Sinnick, living in Maarsen (DTB 458/130vo). In his testament, dated 12 August 1677, Hans Auxbrebis (II), merchant in Amsterdam, widower of Sara Degens, stipulated that the portraits of the testator and of his wife, painted by Rembrandt van Rijn, should be inherited by his son Hans aux Brebis (III). In case the latter came to die without leaving issue, by his daughter Margareta Auxbrebis. If the latter should die without issue or that she should enter a monastery, then his other daughter Anna Maria should inherit the portraits. Margareta married Hendrick Bertels of INVNO 1263 in 1663; she remarried with David Auxbrebis in 1680. Anna Maria Auxbrebis married, first, Jean du Quesne (in 1671) and, second, Jeremias IJsbrantsz. in 1691 (Oud Holland 59(1942), p. 101). Since Hans aux Brebis II was the brother-in-law of Gommer Springer, the owner of the goods in this sale, his identity as buyer is fairly secure.
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Montias2 Record25592

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/962
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number305
Lot Number0046[a]
Inventory Date1638/02/09
Owner NameSpranger, Gommer
Purposeauction sale