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Artist Name[anonymous]
Authority Name[ANONYMOUS]
Verbatim Entryno.7 een schilderij zynde een lantschap f 6: 5:--
Montias SubjectLANDSCAPE
Object Typepainting
Value6.25 |t gulden
BuyerIsaack [crossed out: Hans] Solemans
Buyer FamilySolemans (Sollemans, Soolmans, Sonnemans), Isaack (Martensz.)
Buyer NotesOn 21 December 1613, Isaak Soolmans, 27, living in the Warmoesstraet, assisted by his father Marten Soolmans (I) was betrothed to Maria van Beringhen, 26, also living in the Warmoesstraet, assisted by her mother Maria van Kockereel (DTB 417/295). Maria van Beringen was the daughter of Thielman van Beringen and of Maria van Wickevoort. On 21 September 1619, Maria van Wickevoort, widow of Thielman van Beringen, named her daughter Maria van Beringen, wife of Isaack Solmans, to collect from Claes Jansz. Coning, living in Deventer, the sum he owed her (NA 381, fol. 87, Not. Jacob and Nicolaes Jacobsz.) Marten Soolmans I fled Antwerp in or about 1585 to settle in the Dutch Republic (De Navorscher 53(1903), pp.466-7). Marten Sollemans I, living in the Warmoesstraet in the house with the sign of Jesus, bought lots in the Haarlem lottery of 1606 (4/11 F25). He seems to have been a brother of the sugar refiner Jan Soolmans (1560-1620). On 12 March 1613, Jan Soolmans and his second wife Willemke Zael had their son Marten (II) baptized in the N.K. (Maandblad Amstelodamum 43(1956), p.88). Marten Soolmans II registered as a student at Leiden University but did not matriculate. He was portrayed by Rembrandt in 1634. He must not be confused with Marten Soolmans III who was baptized on 27 September 1615, as the son of Isaack Soolmans and of Marija van Beringen, in the presence of Marten Solmans I (DTB 5/157). Marten Soolmans II married Oopjen Coppit on 9 June 1633 and died in 1641 (ibid.) Oopjen remarried with Captain Marten Pietersz. Daij, who died before 3 November 1659 when his inventory was taken (INVNO 974). Catharina Soolmans, the sister of Marten (Jansz.) Soolmans II, born in 1611, married Gregorius van den Broeck (of R 30845). Abraham Martensz. Soolmans (of R 27420), the brother of Isaack Martensz., married Sara Drumez. On 16 July 1616, Isacq Solemans protested the non-payment of a letter of exchange on behalf of Jacob Poppen, who was perhaps his employer, as koopmansdienaer (Winkelman, Bronnen voor de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Oostzeehandel R.G.P., 185(1983), p. 579). On Jacob Poppen of INVNO 292, see the TEXT of R 209 of Montias1. Isack Sollemans paid a tax of 75 f. in 1631, at which time he lived op 't Water (Kohier, fol. 24 vo., p. 7.) His house, called De Lieve Vrouw (R 27468), was once owned by the merchant Pieter van de Venne (de oude), from Antwerp (Elias, Vroedschap, p. 397).In 1638, he lived on the corner of the Vrousteech (R 26416). In 1646, Isaack Soolmans was a master of the O.Z. Kapell (Jan Wagenaar, Amsterdam, vol. 2, p. 127). In 1644, Isaack Soolmans and several other cloth merchants signed a petition calling for regulation of the value of the gulden (about which there was confusion) (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P. 144(1974), pp. 431-2). The drapier Thieleman Soolmans, born in 1620, son of Isaack Soolmans, married Catharina Schuyt, daughter of Arnout Schuyt, who in turn was the son of Arend Gijsbertsz. Schuyt, the brother or Albert Schuyt of R 28923, on 19 May 1654 (Elias, op. cit., p. 1018). For a partial reconstruction of the Soolmans family, see Schwartz, Rembrandt, p. 135.
Buyer ReligionReformed/Calvinist
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Montias2 Record27398

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/947
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number686
Lot Number0019
Inventory Date1613/11/08
Owner NameBoonhoff, Anthonie