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Artist NameC. Vermander
Authority NameMANDER, KAREL VAN (I)
Artist ActiveHaarlem |a 1583-1603
Verbatim Entry1 bortgen per C. Vermander f 50:--:--
Object Typepainting
Value50.0 |t gulden
BuyerHans Tysz. de soon
Buyer FamilyTysz. (Thijsz), Hans (de jonge)
Buyer NotesHans Tijsz. II, born in 1592, was the son of the jeweller and merchant Hans Thijsz. I of the present inventory. Both father and son, and Hans Thijsz.'s brothers and sister, are extensively documented in Gelderblom's Zuid-Nederlandse kooplieden, p. 272 and passim. After the death of his father in September 1611, Hans Thijsz., along with his brothers Augustijn (born about 1586), Anthony (born 1594) and Frans (born 1593) kept a book of accounts, probably for their guardians Hans van Wely (II of R 21219) and Denys de Maistres. The latter, a merchant born in Antwerp about 1559 (Gelderblom, Prosopographic Data Base), was the son-in-law of the important merchant Jan Calandrini from Antwerp (he married his daughter Elisabeth Calandrini in 1608). In the accounts book, numerous entries refer to Hans Thijsz. de jonge's trips to Antwerp, 'S Hertogenbosch, The Hague and Utrecht (Ontcost boeck aengaende het sterfhuys van onsen vader zaliger Johan Thys, begint 22 september 1611 in Arch. Thys, Library of the University of Leyden, no. 112A). On 25 May 1613, an entry shows that Hans paid f 4: 8:-- voor een doeck om te schilderen. He was thus at least an amateur painter. It may be he who was slated to receive lessons from Rubens according to the contract for the sale of Hans Thysz. de oude's house in Antwerp in 1610 (see the TEXT to R 589 of Montias1). However, there is no evidence that he ever received such lessons. In a notarial act of 2 July 1616, Anthony and Francoijs were cited as having received the veniam aetatis, the rights and privileges of majority age before attaining the age of 25 (Thys Archive, 112C 2)). Hans died shortly before 11 September 1619 when a servant was paid to bring him (or his remains) from a ship in Middelburg and a stone carver was given 13 f. 1 st. and 8 pen. to carve his coat-of-arms on his gravestone (Thys Archive, 112C 1). The TEXT of R 589 supplies documents that show that Dr. Anthony Thijsz., doctor in theology, at Harderwyck and later at Leyden University, was the brother of Hans Thijsz. de oude. Anthony Thijsz., who collected the proceeds of the present sale, was, as has already been said, a brother of Hans Thijsz. de jonge. He married Elisabeth Bacher, who was his cousin by marriage in 1621. When the couple had their son Joannes baptized on in the N.K. on 14 June 1622, his uncle Dr. Anthony Thysz. acted as a witness and was presumably the child's godfather (DTB 40/172). After the death of Elisabeth Bacher, he remarried with Magdalena Beltens, the sister of Pieter Beltens de jonge. On 9 June 1630, the couple had their daughter Levina baptized in the presence of Constantin l'Empereur and Joff. Constantia Coijmans (1607-1673), the wife of Magdalena's brother, Pieter Belten de jonge (R 31375). Francoijs Thijsz., the brother of Hans Thijsz. de jonge, died between 1622 (when he last mentioned in the Thys archive) and 1634 when his name was missing from among the heirs of Anthony Thijsz. who died in that year. After the death of Anthony Thijsz., Magdalena Pieters remarried with his cousin Christoffel Thijsz., the son of Francoijs Thijsz., who in turn had been the brother of Hans Thijsz. de oude. On 19 August 1635, Christoffel Thijs and Magdalena Beltens had their son Cristoffel baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Pieter Beltens (DTB 41/395). On 5 January 1639, Christoffel Thijsz. and Pieter Belten de jonge sold Rembrandt a house on the St.Anthonijbreestraet in which the painter was to live for many years (Strauss, Rembrandt Documents, p. 158. Strauss wrongly states that Christoffel Thijsz. was the brother of Dr. Anthony Thijsz. This seems to confuse the doctor in theology with his nephew Anthony Thijsz., who in any case was the cousin, not the brother, of Christoffel). Hans Thijsz. de jonge bought lots at the Claes Rauwart sale of 1612 (when he was very young, perhaps 15 or less) and at the present sale. He should not be confused with Jan Thys, who bought a lot at the sale of Albert Martsen in 1621.
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Buyer RelationChild
Montias2 Record27698

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/946
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number690
Lot Number0014
Inventory Date1614/04/22
Owner NameTysz. (Tijsz.), Hans [de oude]