Haviland, Paul Burty, 1880-1950
type Collector Artist
dates 1880-1950
city New York City
other citiesParis, France;
sex M
history Paul Burty Haviland, was an art collector, photographer, businessman, writer, and supporter of Alfred Stieglitz’s art gallery “291.”

Haviland was born and raised in Paris, the son of the china manufacturer Charles Edward Haviland (1839–1921), and grandson of art critic and collector Philippe Burty (1830 –1890). Following his graduation from Harvard University in 1901, Haviland joined the family business and served as the New York representative of Haviland & Company of Limoges.

After visiting “291” in 1908 he became a supporter of Stieglitz. Havilland began contributing to Alfred Stieglitz’s Camera Work in 1909, and by 1910, served as assistant editor.

Haviland returned to France in 1915.

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