Ives, Halsey Cooley, 1847-1911
type Collector
dates 1847-1911
city St Louis
other citiesMontour Falls, NY; Nashville, TN; London, United Kingdom;
sex M
history Collector and director of the St. Louis Art Museum.

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Archives of American Art
Victor Building, Suite 2200
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Department of Art records, 1896-1908. see details...
Archives of American Art
Victor Building, Suite 2200
Charles M. Kurtz papers, 1843-1990 (1884-1909).
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St. Louis Art Museum Archives.

Halsey C. Ives Collection, 1876-1926.
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Boston Athenaeum
Library of the Boston Athenæum
Nathan Appleton Letters received ca. 1870-1883. see details...
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Art Institute of Chicago
World's Columbian Exposition Collection, 1890-1896 see details...
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Winfield Scott Chaplin records, 1891-1907. see details...