Manning, Robert L
type Collector
dates d 1996
city New York City
other citiesMart, TX;
sex M
history Robert Lee Manning was an art historian, curator, and art collector, curator for the Kress Foundation and director of the Finch College Museum of Art in New York.

Manning and his wife Bertina Suida (ca. 1922-1992) inherited her father’s collection, Wilhelm Suida (1877-1959), after his death. The couple continued to add to the collection of late Renaissance and Baroque art. The collection included 700 works by Poussin, Veronese, Rubens, Tiepolo, Boucher, Correggio and other Italian, French and German artists of the 14th to the 18th centuries.

Specific works of art from the collection included ''The Annunciation,'' an altarpiece by Veronese from the 1580's; Sebastiano del Piombo's ''Portrait of a Man,'' from about 1516, a rare example of a High Renaissance portrait; Sebastiano Ricci's mythological ''Flora,'' circa 1712-16, which evokes Titian and Veronese; Claude Lorrain's ''Pastoral Landscape,'' from 1628-30, a very early work, and Tiepolo's ''Storyteller,'' from 1765, part of a famous series depicting 18th-century Venice.

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