Bache, Alice K.
type Collector
dates 1903-1977
city New York City
other citiesWashington, CT; New Orleans, LA;
gender F
history Alice Odenheimer Kay Bache, nee Alice Odenheimer, was an collector and the widow of Harold L. Bache.

Bache collected ancient art including Cycladic, Pre-Columbian, Mexican, Asian and Peruvian works of art. She began gifting her art collection to the Metropolitan Museum of art in 1967.

Bache was married three times; first to William de Young Kay (d. 1944), then in 1954 to Mr. Bache (d. 1968), and for a short time to William Zechendorf.

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American Art and Portrait Gallery Library
Victor Building Ste. 2100
[Alice Kay Bache : miscellaneous uncataloged material] see details...
University of Wyoming
American Heritage Center, Dept. 3924
Harold L. Bache Papers, 1890-1968 see details...

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