Walters, W. T. (William Thompson), 1819-1894
type Collector
dates 1819-1894
city Baltimore
other citiesLiverpool, PA;
gender M
history William Walters (1819–1894) amassed his fortune derived from the wholesale whiskey business, shipping merchant and railroad magnate and by 1841 the Baltimore patriarch was actively collecting art of his own time and region.

Of particular interest were Asher B. Durand and Richard Canton Woodville. During the Civil War, Walters relocated his family to Paris where the collection would take considerable shape and scope. It was in Paris that Walters met art collector and agent George Lucas. With Lucas as his advisor, Walters commissioned several paintings while actively collecting works from the Barbizon School. By 1862, Walters was also collecting Oriental porcelain – a premiere collection that resulted in the publication of Oriental Ceramic Art, a history of the collection. The Mount Vernon Place town home served as the gallery space for the collection and was routinely open to the public for an admission price of fifty cents. By 1894, this gallery opened permanently to the public as the Walters Art Gallery.

Following his death in 1894, William Walters bequeathed the extensive collection to his son, Henry Walters (1848-1931).

According to The Art Treasures of American Art, Walters owned Jean Léon Gérôme's "The Duel After the Masquerade," Florent Willems' "To the King!", and other art works by A. Achenbach, L. Alma-Tadema, G. A. Baker, Carl Baker, Carl Becker, A. Bida, C. Bischoff, E. J. Boks, G. Boldini, Rosa Bonheur, G. H. Boughton, E. Brandon, Jules Breton, A, Cabanel, A. Calame, Ch. Chaplin, J. V. Chavet, J. B. C. Corot, T. Couture, C. F. Daubigny, A. G. Decamps, P. Delaroche, A. De Neuville, Ed. Detaille, N. V. Diaz De La Pena, A. B. Durand, C. L. Elliot, M. Fortuny, E. Frère, E. Fromentin, L. Gallait, J. L. Gérôme, C. G. Gleyvre, G. A. Guillemin, J. L. Hamon, J. M. Hart, F. Heilbuth, G. E. Herring, F. P. Hiddeman, Carl H bner, E. L. G. Isabey, F. Jacovacci, C. E. Jacque, C. F. Jalabert, J. Jiminez, E. Johnston, L. Knaus, G. Koller, E. Kurzbauer, V. Lagye, C. Landelle, E. Leutze, J. L. E. Meissonier, H. Merle, J. F. Millet, C. L. Muller, T. Odier, A. Pasini, I. A. A. Pils, A. E. Pilassan, A. E. Plasson, J. W. Preyer, Rico D. Martin, A. Rotta, Th. Rousseau, S. Saint-Jean, Ary Scheffer, A. Schreyer, A. Stevens, H. Stone, Gilbert, Stuart, J. Tissot, J. B. L. Trayer, C. Troyon, B. Van Der Helst, É. Van Marcke, B. Vautier, Horace Vernet, J. G. Vibert, V. Vidal, Jose Villegas, A. J. H. Way, Otto Weber, F. Willems, K. C. Woodville, A. Yvon, E. Zamacoïs, F. Ziem.
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