I. Rosenbaum
type Dealer/Gallery
dates 1860-
city Frankfurt
other citiesAmsterdam, The Netherlands;
gender n/a
history Founded by Jacob Rosenbaum ca. 1860-1870 in Frankfurt am Main as a dealer in “Kleinkunst,” including factory-made German porcelain and Renaissance and Medieval objects.

His son Isaak Rosenbaum continued the business, bringing his nephews Saemy Rosenberg and Hans and Eric Stiebel to work with him and began to sell old master paintings. After World War I, Hans Stiebel moved to Paris, where he became a dealer in French 18th-century furniture and objets d’art. With the rise of Hitler, Isaak Rosenbaum opened a gallery in Amsterdam, Saemy and his brother Raphael Rosenberg established a gallery in London, and in 1939, Eric Stiebel started a gallery in New York.

Following World War II, Saemy and Hans joined Eric in New York. The firm was involved in the sale of a number of works brought from Europe after the war. Among those who sold through the gallery were the Rothschilds. Hans Stiebel died in 1964; Saemy Rosenberg died in 1970, and Eric Stiebel died in September 2000. The firm, now known as Stiebel, Ltd., is run by Eric’s son Gerald Stiebel and his wife, Penelope Hunter.

In 2000, the firm became Stiebel, Ltd. and continues to deal in art privately.
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