Crocker, Charles, 1822-1888
type Collector
dates 1822-1888
city San Francisco
other citiesTroy, NY; Sacramento, CA;
sex M
history Charles Crocker was an art collector, businessman and railroad baron.

According to The Art Treasures of America, Charles Crocker owned works by Ch. Baugniet, L. Bechi, Benzoni, G. Boldini, E. Breton, A. Cabanel, E. Chauvet, J. Coomans. B. Desgoffe, S. Dullop, S. Durand, F. Eberle, G. B. Filosa, E. J. Gardner, J. L. Gérôme, F. Grison, A. Guès, A. Hagborg, J. E. Hammel, J. Harper, H. Herzog, H. J. Johnstone, L. Knaus, J. Kukert, Paul Lenoir, D. I. Leon Escosura, E. Lesrel, R. Madrazo, L. Marchetti, Meyer Von Bremen, J. L. Pallière, J. Robie, A. F. Schenck, A. Toulmouche, E. Verboeckhoven, J. G. Vibert, F. Willems, and J. Worms.

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