Catlin, Daniel
type Collector
dates 1837-1916
city St. Louis
other citiesDublin, NH;
sex M
history Collector, multimillionaire tobacco manufacturer, real estate holdings, banking, and President of the Board of the St. Louis Art Museum.

Catlin collected work by the French, Dutch, American and German schools.

St. Louis, MO.
According to The Art Treasures of America, Catlin owned works by L. Alvarez. J. E. Aubert, Jules Breton, A. Casanova, V. Chevilliard, J. B. C. Corot, Karl Daubigny, A. De Neuville, G. Indoni, Ch. Jacque, Pio. Joris, J. Lefebvre, L. Leloir, C. A. Menzler, A. Moreau, L. Perrault, L. Pinchart, W. T. Richards, D. M. Rico, A. Schreyer, A. F. A. Schenck, A. Toulmouche, E. Van Marcke, and Ch. Voillemot.
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