Seney, George I. (George Ingraham), 1826-1893
type Collector
dates 1826-1893
city New York City
other citiesMiddletown, CT;
sex M
history George Ingraham Seney was a philanthropist and banker (President of the Metropolitan Bank, 1877-1884) who collected American, French and German 19th century paintings.

In 1887, Seney gave The Metropolitan Museum of art 20 paintings. The gift included work by Henri Lerolle, Josef Israels, Julien Dupré, George Inness, F. D. Millet, George Fuller, Bolton Jones, Samuel Colman, Adrien Louis-Demont, and Carl Marr.

While some paintings from the Seney collection were given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art most of the works in his collection were sold at auctions held both in 1885 and 1890.

The American Art Association’s 1885 auction (held at Chickering Hall, NY) reaped $405,821 and the American Art Association’s 1891 auction (held at the Madison Square Gardens Assembly Rooms) fetched roughly $665,550.

According to The Art Treasures of America, Seney owned works by J. Béraud, P. Billet, L. Bonnat, W. A. Bouguereau, G. R. C. Boulanger, T. Breton, A. Charnary, J. B. C. Corot, E. De Beaumont, C. Delort, E. Detaille, N. Diaz, J. Domingo, J. Dupré, M. Fortuny, F. Girard, J. A. Goubie, F. T Hildebrandt, C. Jacque, J. G. Jacquet, J. Jiminez Y Aranda, F. H. Kaemmerer, L. Knaus, L. Leloir, H. Leys, E. V. Luminais, L. Marchetti, Gabriel Max, E. Munier, Emile Renouf, D. Martin Rico, Théo. Rousseau, F. Roybet, Adolphe Schreyer, C. Troyon, E. Van Marcke, and J. G. Vibert.

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