Redford, George
type Scholar/Critic/Expert
dates 1816-1895
city London
countryUnited Kingdom
sex M
history George Redford, FRCS, was the art and sales correspondent of the London Times. He was married to Elizabeth E. Redford.

Editor of "Art Sales".

Documents selected arts sales. Based on catalogues from the British Library, Christies' records, and other sources. Also includes substantial essays on some of the important collectors of the 18th and 19th centuries, along with a historical account of auction sales. An extremely useful publication.

He was devoted to art and music. He was connected with the Crystal Palace, the 1857 Manchester Art Treasures and the 1868 Leeds International Exhibition. He wrote a number of books on art including A Manual of sculptures, Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Roman (1882, second edition 1886, his most praised work, and Art Sales. A History of the sale of pictures, 1888. His art library was sold by Christie's, London, on 18 March 1890.

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