Bennett, James Gordon
type Collector
dates 1841-1918
city New York City
other citiesNewport, RI; Paris, France;
gender M
history James "Jamie" Gordon Bennett Sr. (1795–1872), the founder, editor and publisher of the New York Herald.

James Gordon Bennett (1841 – 1918), also known as Gordon Bennett, was a newspaper man (New York Herald, The Evening Telegram, founder of the International Herald Tribune), art collector, sports and yachtsman. He was the son of James Gordon Bennett, Sr. (1795–1872), the founder, editor and publisher of the New York Herald.

Bennett owned work by, among others, James Edward Buttersworth (American, 1817-1894) Frederick A. Bridgeman (1847-1928) and Jean-Louis Ernest Meissonier (French, 1815-1891).

Bennett was a member of the following New York City clubs: in New York –the Union, Metropolitan, New York Yacht, Racquet, Coaching, Country, and New York Athletic. In 1914, he married Baroness De Reuter (1866-1946), the former Maud Potter of Philadelphia. She was the widow of Baron George De Reuter (m. 1891, 1863-1909) founder of Reuter’s Telegram Company, and the daughter of Helen Norris and John Potter of Philadelphia.

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