Huntington, Collis Potter, 1821-1900
type Collector
dates 1821-1900
city New York City
other citiesOneonta, NY; Sacramento, CA; San Francisco, CA; Long Lake, NY;
gender M
history Art collector, patron, philanthropist, and American railroad magnate and capitalist, whose financial interests included steamship, manufacturing, construction, and land companies.

According to Art Treasures of America, he owned works by: H.C. A. Baron, Ch. Haugniet, Carl Becker,Q. Becker, E. Beranger, A. Bierstadt, George H. Boughton, W.A. Bouguerreau, G. Boulanger, W. Bradford, A. Cabanel, L. Calle, A. Casanova, J. Coomans, Thos. Couture, B. Desfogge, N. Diaz de la Pena, R> Egusquiza, Tony Faivre, Luigi Falero, O. Ferrari, E. Frere, E. Fromentin, L. Gallait, J. Gerets, J.L Gerome, Theo. Girard J.R. Goubie, Jules Goupil, S.J. Guy, J.L.Hamon, Wm. Hart, H. Hosmer, R.W. Hubbard, D.Huntington, J.B. Irving, E. Johnson, F. Kraus, Ch. Landelle, H. Leroux, H. Merle, J.W. Meyer, Meyer Von Bremen, H. Moore, A. Pasini, E.W. Perry, As. Piot, E. Plassan, W.T. Richards, D. M. Rico, T. Rousseau, J.E. Saintain, A. Schreyer, A. Siegert, W.L. Sonntag, E. Stammel, O. Stone, J.A. B. Strobel, A. Toulmouche, E.J. Verboekhoven, J.G. Vibert, O. Weber, W. Whittredge, F. Willems, E. Zamacois.
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