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Artist NameCampen
Artist ActiveRome |a 1623-1625
Verbatim EntryNo. 17 een veerschip van Campen f 19: 5:--
Titleeen veerschip
Montias SubjectSHIPS, SEASCAPE
Object Typepainting
Value19.25 |t gulden
BuyerAbraham de Schilder
Buyer FamilySchilder, Abraham de
Buyer NotesThe buyer, Abraham de Schilder, was taxed 300 f in the 1631 Kohier (fol. 94). On 16 December 1621, he and Andries Rijckaert I (who was the brother-in-law of Philips Metsu, whose daughter Cathalina was married to Abraham de Schilder) sold Gillis van Kessel a sugar refinery situated on the Keysersgracht (Van Dillen, Het oudste aandeelhoudersregister, p. 230). He was one of the executors of the testament of the art dealer Louys Rocourt (INVNO 6240). On 9 December 1619, Abraham de Schilder, from Middelburg, 27 years of age, was betrothed to Cathalina Philipsdr. Metsu, 19, assisted by Philips Metsu, her father and Edeltje Schellingher, her mother (DTB 424/ 85). On Philips Metsu, see the NOTES to R 27367. On 2 May 1623, Abraham de Schilder, merchant in Amsterdam, freighted a ship to French poorts (Winkelman, Bronnen voor de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Oostzeehandel R.G.P., 186(1983), p. 581.) On 25 September 1626, he bought bulbs at the sale of Pieter Pietersz. tuynman (WK 5073/952). On 19 December 1634, notary J. van Zwieten, representing Sr. Abraham de Goyer of R 24908 lodged a complaint (insinuatie) against Sr. Philips Metsu, who had power-of-attorney from Abraham de Schilder, his swager (actually, his father-in-law), and notified him of the following facts. On 17 May 1633, a public auction had taken place held by Abraham de Schilder where Abraham de Goyer had bought two tulips, which in the opveylen (English auction) had been called Paragon Schilder. After he, De Goyer, had received them, he had found that they were similar in color, but very different in value, to what they were supposed to be. So the notary addressing Philips Metsu said that you, having a procuration from Abraham de Schilder, your swager, had answered several times that you would make it up ('sout effenen') with him, De Goyer. And De Goyer, seeing that matters had drifted without his being compensated for the harm that had been done, protested and held the auctioneer (De Schilder, vendumeester) responsible for any damages. The 17th May 1633, the following tulips were sold at the request of Abraham de Schilder and dat voor gereet gelt mits dat degeenen dye suffesante borgen stellen sullen genieten den tijt van ses wecken. Abraham de Schilder 1 Paragon Schilder tot f. 50:--:-- 1 Paragon dito tot f. 41:--:--(NA 863, fol. 405vo, Not. J. van Zwieten, as cited in Posthumus, De speculatie in tulpen in de jaren 1636 en 1637, Economisch-historisch Jaarboek 18(1934), as supplied by Anne Goldgar.) Abraham de Schilder was buried in the W.K. on 24 January 1654 (DTB 1100B/123).
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Montias2 Record20401

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/954
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number573
Lot Number0010
Inventory Date1619/10/16
Owner Name[anonymous]