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Artist NameRoelant van Seyl
Authority NameZIJL, ROELOF VAN
Qualifier(probably. On Roelof van Zijl, see the ATMO of R 4557.)
Artist ActiveUtrecht |a 1608-1635
Verbatim EntryNo. 31 4 stuckgens van de getijden van den dach van Roelant van Seyl f 54:--:--
Title[een] getijd van den dach
Montias SubjectLANDSCAPE
Object Typepainting
Value13.5 |t gulden
BuyerSalomon Walens bij de 6 huysen
Buyer FamilyWalens (Wallens), Salomon
Buyer NotesSalomon Walens lived in a house on the Deventer Houtmarkt called the Vlasblom (right by 6 huysen ?), near the home of Johan Elison Jr. whose parents were portrayed by Rembrandt in 1634 (Schwartz, Rembrandt, 1985, p. 158). He paid a tax of 100 f. in 1631, at which time he was living on the Deventer Houtmarckt (Kohier, fol. 277, p.63). On 13 July 1635, Salomon Walens caused Nicolas Jacobs to go to the house of Paule Kont (Paul le Comte of R 35364), lequel selon le commun bruit s'est absenté comme insolvent. This insinuation, drawn up in French, concerned two unpaid letters of exchange (NA 412A, Not. Nicolas Jacobsz.) On 27 October 1635, Sr. Salomon Walens, merchant, as uncle of and guardian over the children left by his brother Moyses Walens, procreated by the late Janneken Willocqeau, daughter of Christian Willocqueau, and Maria Marechal, sister of Gillis Marechal, named Germain Poulle, likewise merchant, to collect money due to Gillis Marechal who had died in 1598 (NA 412B, fol. 292, Not. Jacob and Nicolas Jacobsz.) Germain Poulle, son of Dominique and Jenne de la Cambre, was the father of Pierre Poulle, merchant, first in Calais, then in Amsterdam (Elias, Vroedschap van Amsterdam, p. 671). On 14 March 1641, Pierre Poulle, acting on behalf of his father German Poulle, made an agreement with the surgeon Rochus van Dijck to take care of his father's hernia (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P. 144(1974), p.297). Maria and Gillis Mareschal, children of Joost Mareschal, made a declaration on 8 January 1625 at the request of Jeremias Hagens (of R 25243) who at that time was working with Daniel van Asch, cake baker (NA 256, film 127, fol. 76vo.) On 7 March 1650, Salomon Walens, healthy in body, passed his testament. He left 3000 f. to the poor of the Reformed religion and 1000 f. to the poor of the Walloon community, to be given (immediately) after the testateur's death. He left to his aunt, Susanna Lodewycx, if she was still alive at the time of his death. 6,000 f. and various bequests to (named) servants, preachers, and their relatives. He left to Salomon Walens, the son of Christiaen Waelens 6,000 f. to be vested on his father Christiaen until Salomon reached maturity and to the same Salomon his, testateur's, portrait by Rembrandt. He left the above-mentioned Susanna Lodewycx, his aunt, the right to live in his house on the Deventer markt plus 50 f. per month in living costs (montcosten). His universal heirs were the sons Nicolaes and Christiaen of his late brother Moses Walens, together with Elisabet Walens, married to Salomon Dierquens, and Maria Walens, married to Charles Gabri (NA 1818, film 2083). Solomon Walens died in 1658 (I. van Eeghen, Maandblad Amstelodamum, 43(1956)). Nicolaes Walens, who also lived on the Deventer Houtmarkt, was born in Cologne. He was 22 years old when, on 12 February 1639, assisted by his uncle and guardian Salomon Wallens, he was betrothed to Susanna de Latfeur, from Utrecht, 22, assisted by her mother Hester van der Meulen (DTB 450/125). Susanna de Latfeur was the sister of Charles de Latfeur of R 20471. On 31 March 1644, Nicolaes Walens and Susanna de Latfeur had their daughter Hester baptized in the Waals Kerck in the presence of Corsten (Christiaen) Walens, Marie de Latfeur, femme de Charles Gabry, and Catharina de Latfeur, veuve de Nicolas Ruth (DTB 131/115). This Nicolaes Ruth may be identical with Nicolaes Ruts II, the son of Nicolaes Ruts I, whose portrait was painted by Rembrandt (see the NOTES to 24918 and the TEXT of R 369 of INVNO 468). On 22 May 1645, Nicolaes Walens and Susanna de Latfeur had their son Salomon baptized in the same church in the presence of Charles de Latfeur, Salomon Walens, and Marie Walens (DTB 131/75). Nicolaes Wallens remarried on 4 May 1666 with Barbara Wolters Stevens, the widow of Raymond de Smeth Joostens of R 23589 (Elias, Vroedschap, p. 517). In a notarial act of 18 February 1650, he was said to be lord of Buttegens and Santvoort, probably a seigneurie that he had bought. In this act, Charles Godijn (at whose request INVNO 118 of David van Baerle and Rachel Godijn was drawn up), Nicolaes Walens, Charles Gabry (Salomon Wallens's son-in-law), Salomon Dierques (his other son-in-law), and Anthoni Godijn contracted to form a company to exploit lands in the meer called De Stom in Aelsmeer. David van Baerle also signed the contract (NA 1818, film 2083). On 18 April 1667, Hans Pelt II (c.1600-1668) and Nicolaes Wallen drew up an agreement whereby certain equipment belonging to a sugar refinery would be assessed by two arbiters and would then be bought by Wallens at the prices so assessed (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P. 144(1974), p. 760). On 29 February 1668, Willem Jacobsen de Leeuw and Dirck Isaacksz. issued their assessments, which totaled 854 f. (Van Dillen, op.cit. p. 773). Christiaen Wallens, the brother of Nicolaes Wallens, was married to Cornelia Jacott. On 14 August 1650, the couple had their daughter Elisabeth baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Michiel Hoppesack (the son of Gysbrecht Hoppesack of R 32342) and Susanna Walens (DTB 8/280). Balthasar Jacott (II) (portrait cited in R 43675) was Christiaen Walens's brother-in-law (see the NOTES to R 43675). The son of Balthasar Jacob I, named Jan Jacot (c.1631-after 1683), married Elisabeth Hoppesack. The couple and their children were portrayed by Pieter de Hooch (Amsterdammers geportreeterd; Kopstukken 1600-1800, p. 219). Elisabeth Hoppesack of this marriage is not identical with the woman of the same name, born in 1625, who married Abraham Wijmer (see the NOTES to R 21592). Christiaen Walens became insolvent in 1661. For his inventory see INVNO 1164.
Buyer ReligionReformed/Calvinist
Buyer OccupationMerchant (largescale)
Montias2 Record20599

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/954
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number579
Lot Number0032[a]
Inventory Date1625/03/19
Owner NameHoeffslager, Hendrick