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Artist Name[anonymous]
Authority Name[ANONYMOUS]
Verbatim Entryno.8 2 rontges f 15: 5:--
Object Typepainting
Value7.625 |t gulden
BuyerJacques van der Wyen in't Stoeltgen
Buyer FamilyWyen (Wijen), Jacques van der
Buyer NotesThe buyer, Jacques van der Wijen, was a painter (mentioned by Carel van Mander) of well-off parents. He was baptized in Amsterdam on 27 July 1586, son of Artus van der Wyhen, merchant and kousenmacker (Briels, Waalse schilders, 1997, p. 410). His father Artus van der Wijen and his mother Margriete Nagels assisted him when he was betrothed to Sara Struys (assisted by her mother Neeltgen Struys), on 13 June 1615 (DTB 419/71). His father invested 450 f. in the first subscription for V.O.C. shares in 1602. In 1606, he lived with his father and his brother(?) Charles op de Dam in 't Stoeltgen when he bought lots in the Haarlem lottery for 1 f. 16 st. (GAA, 123/20 F 902 and Van Dillen, Het oudste aandeelhoudersregister, p. 149). Charles (Carel) van der Wijen later became P.C. Hooft's business agent, whom he recommended as a very decent (zeer oprecht) person (De briefwisseling van Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft, vol. 2, p. 674). He was said to be a merchant and 52 years old in a deposition dated 2 September 1636 (see the TEXT of R 447). In R 30463, in Gillis van Conincxloo's death inventory, Jacques van der Wijen is called de knecht. He may have been working for Conincxloo at that time. On 8 November 1617, he made a deposition at the request of the headmen of the guild of St. Luke concerning the sale of paintings by an Antwerp dealer named Guillaum Wittebroet to a schoolmaster named Jan Cotereels for the sum of 2,100 f. The sale included a painting by Sebastiaen Vrancx. The deponents were Lucas Luce of R 20173, Jacob van Nieulandt of R 27331, and Johannes van Boshuysen, 23 years old (NA 200, film 111, fol. 358vo, cited in Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven 78(1933), p. 828). In 1631, Jacques van Weijde (perhaps identical with van der Wyen), living on the Stilsteech, paid a tax of 40 f. (Kohier, fol. 199, p. 63). On 29 August 1631, Anna Struys (who would later marry Hendrick de Reyger of R 24536); Jacques van der Wijen, as husband and guardian of Sara Struys; Esther Struys, widow of Pieter Hermansz.; and Susanna Jans, widow of Pieter Struys, were cited as the heirs of Neeltge Cornelis, widow of Christiaen Struys (I) (NA 843, Not. Hoogeboom). For further details on Neeltge Cornelis and her estate, see the NOTES to R 24536 of Montias2 and the TEXT of R 125 of Montias1). On 12 June 1634, Jan Jansz. Cleerbesem de jonge, 44, declared at the request of Jacques van der Wijen that he had been in the inn De Prins last Pentecost and there had seen and heard that Van der Wijen had bartered (verhandelde off ruylde) with Jan van der Putte 16 paintings, which Van der Putte had inspected, against two bales of madder (crapmee), weighing about 1,400 pounds, which were supposed to be in conformity with the samples that had been shown to Van der Wijen, and also 75 ells of colored cloth, a sample of which had also been seen by the producent (Van der Wijen). The producent was not obligated to deliver anything besides the paintings and Van der Putten anything besides the crapmee and the colored cloths (NA 694B, omslag 62, Not. J. Warnaerts) It is not known whether this document refers to Hans van der Putte, merchant and kramer, born in Antwerp about 1591, who was first noted in Amsterdam in 1609 and was still alive in 1640 (see the TEXT to INVNO 1161) or Jan van der Putte who married Anna Ruts, the daughter of Nicolaes Ruts and Anna Apperlo, in 1633 and died soon afterwards (Anna Apperlo remarried with Peter van der Hagen in 1636) (I. van Eeghen, Maandblad Amstelodamum 64(1977), p. 99). In view of Hans van der Putten's transaction with the art dealer Hans van Conincxloo III in INVNO 1161, it was more probably he who was responsible for the barter with Jacques van der Wijen. The date of van der Wijen's death is unknown.
Buyer OccupationArtist |a Painter
Montias2 Record21322

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ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/944
TypeOrphan Chamber
Inventory Number605
Lot Number0086[a]
Inventory Date1612/08/28
Owner NameRauwart, Claes