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Renialme, Johannes de

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Inventory #1040
Call NumberNA 421, film 6438, fol. 357-8
Family NameRenialme
Owner NameRenialme, Johannes de
Owner Notesat the request of Lucretia Coymans, widow of Pieter Cruijspenning
Life Dates? |d 1657 |n Renialme; 1594 |d 1638 |n Cruypenning
ResidenceProbably Keisersgracht (no. 104) in Amsterdam
IntroductionInventaris gedaen by my Jacob Jacobsz. ter presentie van de naergenoemde getuygen ten versoecke van Juffr. Lucretia Coymans de naergelate weduwe van Pieter Cleypenning za. ged. van alle de schilderijen ende eenige weynighe meubelen bevonden op de zolder van de huysenge van Lambert Massa toebehorende Johannes de Renialme ende sijn de naervolgende. Postscript: Aldus gedaen binnen Amsterdam ter presentie van Sr. Guillaume van Hoorn ende Nicolaes Duysendaelders als getuygen her overgestaen den xxve aprilis xvi en viertich.
CommentaryJohannes de Renialme, to whom the goods in this inventory appeared to belong, was a well-known art dealer. (For biographical information, see the TEXT of R 100 and the NOTES of R 8201 of Montias2). Pieter Cruijpenning was born in Hamburg who, after during and after his apprenticeship (see below), engaged in trade with Italy, Dantzig and other parts (18 April 1637, NA 598, fol. 174, Not. Lamberti). Lucretia Coymans, the widow of Pieter Cruijpenning, was the youngest daughter of Casper (or Jasper) Coymans of R 31693. Pieter Cruijpenning's father was married to Constantia Coeymans I, the sister of Casper and Balthasar Coeymans. His sister Anna was married to Arnout Cobbaut III (of INVNO 542). Pieter Cruijpenning was 22 when he passed his testament in 1616, in which he stated that he was the heir of Arnout Cobbaut de jonge (III), the son of his sister Anna (see the TEXT of R 448 of Montias2). On 4 May 1619, David and Abraham Luls, who were said to be the cousins of Pieter Cruijpenninck, and Albert Schuyt (of R 28923), the aunt of whose wife (Constantia de Haze) was Constantia Coeymans I, declared that Pieter Cruypenninck had behaved well as a koopgesel (apprentice merchant), both in Holland and in Italy. Albert Schuyt (of R 28923 of Montias2) declared that his wife's aunt Constantia Coymans was married to Pieter Cruijpenning's father. Casper Coymans (of R 31693), 66, and Balthasar Coymans, 63, testified to the same effect (NA 200, fol. 516, Not. J.F. Bruyning). On 8 November 1626, Pieter Cruijspenningh and Lucretia Coijmans had their daughter Constantia baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Constantia Coijmans II (Lucretia's sister) (DTB 40/367). On 8 October 1628, the couple had their twin daughters Isabella and Clara baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Jan van der Poort, and Isabella Coijmans, widow of Jan van Heusden (of R 36233) (DTB 6/218). On 7 September 1631, their son Casper was baptized in the presence of Pieter Luls and Susanna van Valckenburg (see R 31706) (DTB 6/314). In 1631, Pieter Cruijt Penningh, living on O.Z. Voorburchwal (East side), paid a tax of 290 f. (Kohier, fol. 174, p. 40). On 1 May 1633, the son Siprianus of Pieter Cruijpenning and Lucretia Coeymans was baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Jan van der Poort and Margrita Pelgroms (DTB 6/366). On 14 October 1634, their second daughter Constantia baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Elias de Raet (of R 28395) (DTB 7/61). Lucretia was a witness at the baptism of a child of her sister Isabella Coymans (married to Jan van Heusden) on 22 January 1623 (DTB 6/39). The relation between Pieter Cruypenninck and the art dealer Johannes de Renialme can be traced back at least to 25 June 1635 when Johannes de Renialme transferred and sold to Cruypenninck a great leather tannery, a shoe mill, and a stone house located in Sixmilebridge in the county of Thou (now Dare) in Ireland, and a large number of hides for making soles valued at 2,000 f., the whole transaction amounting to 11,000 f. (NA 642, film 4953, fol. 12). On 12 March 1636 Willem van Tongeren and Pieter Cruypenninck reached an understanding concerning payment of an obligation owed to De Renialme, which Van Tongeren had guaranteed. The obligation, which was now held by Pieter Cruypenninck, was now in default. Willem van Tongeren paid Cruypenninck 3,740 f. as part of the settlement (NA 413, fol. 216 and fol., Not. N. Jacobs, Extracten). On 11 April 1636, Pieter Cruypenninck,together with 30 other Amsterdam merchants, testified to the credit-worthiness of Adriaen van Ackerlaeck (NA 695A, film 4821, Not. J. Warnaerts). On 18 April 1637, the honorable Pieter Cruijpenninck, from Hamburg, on one side, Mathijs Luls, from Acken, on the other, contracted with Hendrick Gysius, from Dantzig, to send to Dantzig all the goods Cruijpenninck and Luls that they could send, which would then be sold. A provision of 2 percent would be retained by the senders (NA 598, fol. 174, Not. Lamberti). On 5 February 1639, Matheus Luls (Abrahamsz.?) and Matheus Luls Davidsz., merchants, executors of the estate of Abraham Luls (cited in the NOTES to R 21578 of Montias2) acknowledged receiving the sum of 750 f. proceeding from the last repartition of the V.O.C. from Pieter Haen (cited in the NOTES to R 21700) and Pieter Cruijpenning (NA 419A). He was still alive but indisposed on 15 February 1639 (NA 419A, fol. 205). He died before 3 November 1639, when his widow tried unsuccessfully to collect a letter of exchange for 1160 f. issued in Pernambuco, Brasil. The answer to the insinuatie was that the debtor had no provision (NA 419B). On 26 April 1640, the day after this inventory was drawn up at her request, the honorable Lucretia Coijmans, widow and heiress of Pieter Cruijpenningh, merchant in Amsterdam, drew up a procuration whereby Albert van Breugel, bookkeeper general of the W.I.C. in Brasil, was to liquidate in her name and on her behalf, any business she may have had with Sr. Caspar van Heusden, residing in Brasil, or, in case of his death, to take care of any interests she may have in his estate (NA 421, Not. J. Jacobs). On 18 March 1650, after the death of Cruypenninck, his widow Lucretia Coymans and Johannes de Renialme signed an agreement to settle their dispute (which had apparently gone before the magistrates in Amsterdam) and to liquidate all the claims Coymans might have had against De Renialme. He agreed to pay her 3,000 f. in three installments. At least some of the debts appeared to have arisen during Cruypenninck's life time. It appears probable that Cruypenninck (and Lucretia Coymans after his death) and De Renialme had some sort of business partnership, perhaps in connection with De Renialme's art dealership (NA 1818, film 2083). Lambert Massa, merchant and builder, was married to Constantia Dubois. He was the brother of Isaack Massa, whose marriage portrait with Beatrix van der Laan was painted by Frans Hals about 1622. On 1 September 1622, Isaack Massa and Constantia du Bois had their son Lambert baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Pieter Latfeur, the husband of Lucretia's sister Clara (he was the buyer of R 20047). Pieter Latfeur signed the Remonstrant petition of 1628. For further information on Lambert Massa, see the NOTES to R 32152 of Montias2. Guillaum van Hoorn, cited as a witness in the INTRO, was the brother of Jacques van Hoorn of INVNO 110 (see the INTRO to that inventory). He seems to have been related to Lucretia Coymans, to whom he made an interest-free loan of 1,000 Fl. pounds on 17 February 1643 (NA 1811, fol. 1888-9). Nicolaes Duysendaelders was an attorney who acted as an intermediary in a financial transaction involving Rembrandt in 1654 (Strauss, Rembrandt Documents, pp. 311-312). It is likely that the paintings found in the attic of Lambert Massa's house were actually located on the Keisersgracht (present day no. 104), the house that Massa had built in 1631 or 1632 (see R 32152). On 16 November 1630, the brothers Lucas, Marcus and Mattheus van Valckenburgh (of R 20483), together with Willem van Welij (of R 21266) and Pieter Cruypenningh, each of whom was a part-owner of the barrage in Hadfielt Chase in England gave a procuration to Filiberto Venatti to defend their interests there (NA 401, fol. 428, Not.N. Jacobs, Extracten). On the same day, Thijmon Jacobs Hinlopen, for Christina van Ruytenborgh, widow of Jan Michelsz. van Verlaer and the other part-owners mentioned above gave a procuration to Jacob Cats, first Raad and Pensionaris of Dordrecht, and to Marcus van Valckenborgh to defend their interests in the same dam construction (dijckagie) (NA 403, fol. 112, Not. Jacobs, Extracten.) On the witnesses, Guillaume van Hoorn and Nicolaes Duysendaelders, see the NOTES to R 28903 and the TEXT of INVNO 162 respectively.
NotaryJacob Jacobsz.
Art Value2809 |t gulden
# of Items149
Montias1 #941
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 MOLENAER, JAN MIENSE no. 1 een schuurster met veel bij werck van Molenaer f 60:--:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] no. 2 een boere viering (?) op 24 f. f 24:--:--
0003 [ANONYMOUS] no. 3 een tronij met een pluijm op f 24
0004 [ANONYMOUS] no. 4 een lantschap met een leeuw op f 6
0005 TIZIANO VECELLO no.5 een tronj nae Toetsiaen (crossed out Titien] f 12:--:--
0006 MOLENAER, JAN MIENSE no. 6 een stuckje van Molenaer synde boertjes f 24:--:--
0007 HALS, FRANS no. 7 een toeback drincker met een kan van Hals f 12:--:--
0008 [ANONYMOUS] no. 8 een lantschap van Joseph ende Maria f 6:--:--
0009 [ANONYMOUS] no. 9 een groot stuck van Christus daer de kindekens tot hem comen f 60:--:--
0010 [ANONYMOUS] no. 10 een stuck synde Judicht met het hooft van Hollefarnis op f 36:--:--
0011[a] SEGHERS, HERCULES no. 11 ses groot stucken van Harcules Seghers drij tot 30 f. 't stuck, twee tot 18 ende een tot 20 f. f 146:--:--
0011[b] SEGHERS, HERCULES no. 11 ses groot stucken van Harcules Seghers drij tot 30 f. 't stuck, twee tot 18 ende een tot 20 f. f 146:--:--
0011[c] SEGHERS, HERCULES no. 11 ses groot stucken van Harcules Seghers drij tot 30 f. 't stuck, twee tot 18 ende een tot 20 f. f 146:--:--
0011[d] SEGHERS, HERCULES no. 11 ses groot stucken van Harcules Seghers drij tot 30 f. 't stuck, twee tot 18 ende een tot 20 f. f 146:--:--
0011[e] SEGHERS, HERCULES no. 11 ses groot stucken van Harcules Seghers drij tot 30 f. 't stuck, twee tot 18 ende een tot 20 f. f 146:--:--
0011[f] SEGHERS, HERCULES no. 11 ses groot stucken van Harcules Seghers drij tot 30 f. 't stuck, twee tot 18 ende een tot 20 f. f 146:--:--
0012 BOSSCHAERT, AMBROSIUS (I) no. 12 een bloempot van Ambrosius Bosschart f 24:--:--
0013 MOLENAER, JAN MIENSE no. 13 een spinster van Molenaer f 12:--:--
0014 MOLENAER, JAN MIENSE no. 14 een boere schuertgen van Minsen f 12:--:--
0015 [ANONYMOUS] no. 15 een Maria beeltgen in een vergulde lyst f 36:--:--
0016 [ANONYMOUS] no. 16 een groeteken op f 36:--:--
0017 GOYEN, JAN JOSEPHSZ. VAN no. 17 een heijcken van Van Ghoij op f 12:--:--
0018 [ANONYMOUS] no. 18 een boeren dorp op f 8:--:--
0019 REMBRANDT VAN RIJN no. 19 een prister van Rembrant op f 100:--:--
0020 [ANONYMOUS] no. 20 een keyser met een bisschop op f 25
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