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Inventory #1085
Call NumberWK 5073/959
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family Name[anonymous]
Owner Name[anonymous]
Owner Notesgoods sold at request of Barent Jansz. Porceleijn
OccupationRetail merchant |a Faience, porcelain
ResidenceTen huyse van Jan Dircxsz. in Amsterdam
Introduction18 july 1626 ten versoucke van Barent Jansz. Porceleijn
CommentaryBarend Jansz. Porceleijn, sometimes called porceleijnvercoper, was a dealer in faience wares as well perhaps as a reseller of second-hand goods, who was active as a buyer at Orphan Chamber auctions from 1614 to 1627. On 4 July 1615, a sworn roedrager declared at the request of Hans van der Hoeye, diamond polisher, that he had gone at the request of Thomas Jacobsz., son of Jacob Huygen, concierge in Amsterdam, to notify Van der Hoeye that he should fetch the two paintings he had bought at the auction sale of Barent Jansz. before noon, otherwise Thomas Jacobsz. would have to sell the paintings in the afternoon of the sale, to Van der Hoeye's charge and peril. Van der Hoeye had answered that if Thomas Jacobsz. had entrusted him with the paintings, he would have paid for them promptly and if he were to sell them again, he would have to do so at his own cost. Sales conducted by Thomas Jacobsz. Haring were normally executive sales of bankrupt estates. This seems to have been a voluntary sale. Hans van der Hoeye is not known to have bought art at any Orphan Chamber sale (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven, R.P.G, 78(1933), p. 118). Sara van der Hoeye, cited below, may have been a sister of Hans van der Hoeye. On 2 October 1619, Jacob de Goyer, diamond cutter, presented his two children before the Orphan Chamber, whose late mother was Sara de Hoeye. The children's inheritance came to 1,500 f. (WK 5073/789). Jacob Huygen, the father of Thomas Jacobsz., concierge, cited above, may be identical with Jacob Huijgen, flagbearer (vaendrager), who paid a tax of 25 f. in 1631 (Kohier fol. 11vo, p.4).
NotaryJan Dircksz. van Beuningen
Total Value213 |d 12 st.
Art Value7 |d 11 st.
# of Items3
Montias1 #983
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001[a] [ANONYMOUS] 1 kaert en een ander schilderij f 3:17:--
0001[b] [ANONYMOUS] 1 kaert en een ander schilderij f 3:17:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij f 3:14:--
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