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Beltens, Magdalena

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Inventory #1089
ArchiveThys archive, library, University of Leiden
Call Number112 F 3
Date1640 ca.
Family NameBeltens
Owner NameBeltens, Magdalena
Life Dates1610/08/16 |d bef. 1654
ResidenceProbably on the Keizersgracht in Saxenbergh (no. 224) in Amsterdam
IntroductionThis inventory is not dated. From several of the entries, it may be deduced that it was written or dictated by Magdalena Beltens after the death of her first husband Anthony Thijsz. and her remarriage with Christoffel Thijsz., both of which took place in 1634. It may be that it was drawn up in 1639 when her brother Pieter Belten de jonge died (cf. 1 wapen van mijn broeder sa. of LOT 0061.) Note that the inventory contained a portrait of Magdalena Belten in mijn jonckheijt. Since she was born in 1610, she was 29 years old when her brother Pieter Belten died. She died some time before 1659 when Christoffel Thijsz. remarried with Sara de Raet, the daughter of Elias de Raet II. Perhaps a date in the early 1640s shortly after the death of Pieter Belten II is the most likely. On 7 September 1640, the honorable Jacomyntje Gerrits, wife of Herman Heere, Catharina Heeren, 24, Marijte Joosten, 20, declared at the request of Juffr. Magdalena Baltens, wife of Christoffel Tyssens (Thijsz.) that they had gone to the domain (hofstede) of the producent (Magdalena Beltens) at her request to get some things belonging to her. The boy of Christopher Tyssen got from the domain a basketful of peaches that he was supposed to bring to Amsterdam (NA 1601, fol. 161, Not. W. Hasen). The present inventory is introduced as follows: Volgen de schilderijen soo se Magdalena Beltens opgenomen heeft.
CommentaryThe present inventory overlaps in part with INVNO 1088, which seems to have been drawn up shortly after the death of Anthony Thijsz., the first husband of Magdalena Belten. From the presence of 2 conterfeijtsels van mij ende Christoffel Thys, we may infer that this is a later inventory, taken after Magdalena's remarriage. Magdalena Thijs was born on 16 August 1610 and baptized on the next day. Her godparents were Thijman Jacobsz. (Hinlopen) and Madaleentje Timmerman (Thys archive, no.120 and no.121). On Thijman Jacobsz. Hinlopen, see the NOTES to R 27612 of Montias2. On 1 April 1644, the honorable Jacques Beltens (brother of Pieter Beltens I), Adriaen van der Hede (cited in the NOTES to R 30037 of Montias2), and Jacob Verschuer (cited in the NOTES to R 37037 of Montias2), all merchants, and next relatives of Juffr. Magdalena Beltens. wife of Christoffel Thijsz., declared that, on this day, Christoffel Thijsz., assisted by his brother-in-law Mr. Allaert Kloeck, under the supervision of Mr. Joahn van Heemskerck. alderman, and Dirck Tholing, counsellor and former alderman, and Constantin Lempereur, professor of Hebrew at Leyden University, and guardian of the children of Juffr. Beltens procreated by her first husband Anthonie Thijsz., came to an agreement settling the children's inheritance (NA 998, film 1882, Not. Gerrit Coren). For information on Magdalena Beltens's father of INVNO 980, see the TEXT of R 879; on Magdalena herself and her two husbands Anthonie Thijsz. and Christoffel Thijsz., see also the TEXT of INVNO 1088 in R 987. Only one painting in the present inventory seems to have been inherited by Magdalena from her father Pieter Belten (as indicated in the NOTES). Most, however, came from from her first marriage with Anthony Thijsz. (and from the paintings that Anthony had presumably inherited after the death of his brothers Augustijn, Hans, and, probably, Franciscus). On 14 February 1657, an inventory was drawn up of the children's goods (luijer ende kindergoet) belonging to Christoffel Thijsz. and to his wife Magdalena Belten. These goods had been given to Levina Thijs, wife of the heer Willem Edmondt, daughter from her first marriage (with Anthony Thijsz.) of Magdalena Beltens. The goods were kept in an ebony chest (NA 1914, fol. 582, Not. Uyttenbogaert).
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0054 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck van David spelende op de Harp
0055 [ANONYMOUS] 1 opweckinge van Lasarus
0056 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck van Proserpina ende Pluto
0057 [ANONYMOUS] 1 kontrefeijtsel in mijn (Magdalena Beltens) jonckheijt
0058 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck van Hager ende kint
0059 [ANONYMOUS] 1 contrefeijtsel van mijn broeder sa. in sijn jonckheijt (Pieter Belten de jonge)
0060 [ANONYMOUS] 1 contrefeijtsel van mijn vader sa. doot geschildert (Pieter Belten de oude)
0061 [ANONYMOUS] 1 wapen van mijn broeder sa. (Pieter Belten de jonge)
0062 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck van Susanna met de boeven
0063 [ANONYMOUS] 1 lantschap voor de schou
0064 [ANONYMOUS] 1 doncker stucken aen de sij van de schou
0065 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck van Christus geboorte
0066 [ANONYMOUS] 1 mans tronij aende ander sij
0067 [ANONYMOUS] 1 maeltyt van de koninck Baltaser
0068 [ANONYMOUS] 1 oud besken boven de deur
0069 [ANONYMOUS] 1 kontrefeytsel van mij selven (Magdalena Belten)
0070 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck van de 4 elementen
0071 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck van de vorsten
0072 [ANONYMOUS] 1 contrefeytsel van Anna Bachers
0073 [ANONYMOUS] 1 stuck schilderij int portael
0074[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderijen
0074[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderijen
0075[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderijen int Portael
0075[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderijen int Portael
0076 [ANONYMOUS] 1 ordeel van Paris
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