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Valckeniers, Catharina

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Inventory #1144
Call NumberWK 5073/968
TypeOrphan Chamber
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameValckeniers
Owner NameValckeniers, Catharina
Owner Noteswidow of Jan Commelyn
Life Dates1560 |d 1621 |n Valckeniers; 1548 |d 1614 |n Commelin
Marriage Date1623/01/24
OccupationRetail merchant |a Book dealer
IntroductionInventaris van alle de goederen, schulden met inschulden ...inde nagelaten boedel van Catharina Valckeniers, weduwe van Jan Commelyn, gelyck sy met den selven mettet doot ontruymt heeft, begonnen den 24e septembris 1621 ende geeyndicht 6 february 1622. Among the debts due to the estate: Colette van der Keer (sister of Pieter van der Keer of INVNO 6060 and mother of Hendrick Hondius), per reste over de coop van papier handel 1,733 f. 6 st. 8 pen; deposit in the Wesselbank: 2687 f. 10 st; owed by Frans Martsz. tinsmith, 600 f. plus 250 f.; by Abraham Commelyn, 1,567 f. 10 st. 8 pen.; by Daniel du Gardyn (one of the guardians of the children), over a certain paspoort and a book, 25 f. 10 st. Frans Martsz. was the brotherin-law of Jan Commelyn (see R 26515 of Montias2).
CommentaryOn Jan Commelyn and Catharina Valckenier, see the TEXT to INVNO 649 (R 548 of Montias1). The sale of 1623 (INVNO 649) contained very few works of art. The only items that the inventory and the sale had in common were a large map (which sold for 14 stuivers, a water color (1 f. 12 st.) and a coat-of-arms (probably Valckeniers)(4 f. 10 st.). The other items in the present inventory were either retained by the family or sold privately.
# of Items35
Montias1 #1039
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderije van Theagones
0002 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderije van Piramus ende Thisbe
0003 [ANONYMOUS] een bort van de thien geboden
0004 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery van Judith ende Holofernes
0005 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery van Joseph ende Maria
0006[a] [ANONYMOUS] 4 albaster beeltgens
0006[b] [ANONYMOUS] 4 albaster beeltgens
0006[c] [ANONYMOUS] 4 albaster beeltgens
0006[d] [ANONYMOUS] 4 albaster beeltgens
0007[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee conterfeytsels van de kinderen
0007[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee conterfeytsels van de kinderen
0008 [ANONYMOUS] 't wapen van Valckenier
0009[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 lantschapkens
0009[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 lantschapkens
0010 [ANONYMOUS] 1 geschilderde Magdalena
0011 [ANONYMOUS] 1 cleyn bancquetgen
0012 [ANONYMOUS] 1 van een Maria beelt
0013 [ANONYMOUS] 1 conterfeytsel van den ouden Valckenier
0014 [ANONYMOUS] 1 hartshoofgen
0015[a] [ANONYMOUS] 5 printen van de vijff sinnen in lysten
0015[b] [ANONYMOUS] 5 printen van de vijff sinnen in lysten
0015[c] [ANONYMOUS] 5 printen van de vijff sinnen in lysten
0015[d] [ANONYMOUS] 5 printen van de vijff sinnen in lysten
0015[e] [ANONYMOUS] 5 printen van de vijff sinnen in lysten
0016 [ANONYMOUS] 't conterfeytsel van Jan Commelyn de jong
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