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Spranger, Manuel

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Inventory #1150
Call NumberDBK 5072/368
TypeDesolate Boedelskamer
PurposeInventory of insolvent debtor
Family NameSpranger
Owner NameSpranger, Manuel
IntroductionInventaris van de meubelen ende huijsraet bevonden in den boedel van Manuel Spranger
CommentaryManuel Spranger was the nephew (or possibly cousin) of Gommer Spranger of INVNO 305, as the latter stated in a procuration in the name of Emanuel Spranger, to collect money in Moscow from his other nephew (by marriage) Hendrick van Ringen (NA 832, film 562). Jacques Halewijn, Hendrick van Ringen, and Manuel Spranger, all said to be nephews of Gommer Spranger, worked for their uncle in the Moscow trade (Wijnroks, Handel tussen Rusland en de Nederlanden, 1560-1640, p.373). In the inventory of Mattheus Halewijn (INVNO 257), he was said to have received a portrait of the wife of Bartholomeus Spranger (the uncle of Gommer Spranger) as a bequest from the late Halewijn (R 6363 of Montias2). He also bought numerous works of art from the auction sale that was held after the death of Mattheus Halewijn. The latter was a nephew of Gommer Spranger. He was married to Christina van Ringen, the sister of Hendrick van Ringen, cited above. This relationship is confirmed by a procuration dated 16 March 1646 given by Hendrick van Ringhen to his swager Emanuel Spranger. The procuration also mentioned Marten van Halewijn (NA 1165, Not. J. van der Ven). On 30 October 1639, Manuel Spranger and Cristina van Ringen had their son Adriaen baptized in the N.K. in the presence of Anthony van der Heede (DTB 42/162). The witness was probably Anthony van der Heede I of INVNO 256, who was married with Margarita Halewijn, the sister of Mattheus Halewijn, cited above. On 15 May 1647, Emanuel Spranger and Christina van Rengen had their daughter Christina baptized in N.Z. Kapel in the presence of Constantina Spranger and Anthonij van der Heede (DTB 65/35). This time Anthony van der Heede was the second of this name, as his father had died before 1645 (see the TEXT of R 172 of INVNO 255 in Montias1). For the testament of Emanuel Spranger, see R 6363 of Montias2.
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0025 [ANONYMOUS] een print bortie van een predicant
0026[a] [ANONYMOUS] 3 contrefeijtsels van oude vrouwen
0026[b] [ANONYMOUS] 3 contrefeijtsels van oude vrouwen
0026[c] [ANONYMOUS] 3 contrefeijtsels van oude vrouwen
0027[a] [ANONYMOUS] 5 sleghte schilderijties
0027[b] [ANONYMOUS] 5 sleghte schilderijties
0027[c] [ANONYMOUS] 5 sleghte schilderijties
0027[d] [ANONYMOUS] 5 sleghte schilderijties
0027[e] [ANONYMOUS] 5 sleghte schilderijties
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