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Velge, Beatrix

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Inventory #1193
Call NumberNA 1811, fol. 1207 and foll.
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameVelge
Owner NameVelge, Beatrix
Owner Noteswidow of Joost Brest
Life Dates1577 |d 1636 |n Brest
OccupationServices |a Insurance
IntroductionInventaris van alle de meublen ende huysraet bevonden ten huyse van Daniel de Masiere aengaande den boedel van Beatrix Velge weduwe van Joost Brest, gemaeckt ende gepasseert ten overstaen van Nicolaes van Brest, Samuel Brest ende Elias Brest ende Pieter Brest in de voors. qualiteyt als kinderen van de voors Beatrix Velge ende vooghten van Barbara (?) Brest ende Reynier Brest, by my A. Eggericx Not. Publ. ... Postscript: Aldus geinventariseert ende grepriseert ten overstaen van my notaris voornt. by Aeltje Claes ende Annetje Hendricx gesworen schatsers den 21 ende 22 december respect. 1644 ter presentie van Evert van Craen ende [...] Willemsz. als getuijgen.
CommentaryOn 28 January 1595, Joost Brest de jonghe (II), coopgesell (merchant's employee), 18 years old, appeared and testified at the request of Raphael le Febur that he had spent four years in the Canary islands and that he was there at the time that Hans Hansz. van Vlissinghe, skipper of the Roode Leeuw, arrived in the Canary Islands with his ship and was immediately imprisoned by the Inquisition, which proceeded to confiscate and sell the ship's cargo. Joost Brest de oude (I) signed the deposition as a witness (NA 47, Not. Heylinc, cited in Maandblad Amstelodamum 39(52), p. 68). On 26 December 1610, Joost Brest (II) and Bijateris Velge had their son Maliaert baptized in the O.K. in the presence of Tanneken Brest and Maliaert de Mel (DTB 4/337). Maliaert Brest is probably identical with Meynard Brest cited below. Maliaert de Mel was most probably related to Anthony de Mel of R 20549 whose daughter Sara's baptism was witnessed by Margriet Brest in 1605. Joost Brest II was in business with Anthony Bourmans and Andries Graeuw I according to the post-mortem accounting of Graeuw's assets of January 1617 (dated 15 May 1626, WK 5073/1192, and INVNO 682). Joost Brest de jonghe paid a tax of 50 f., at which time he lived on the West side of the Keisersgracht (Kohier, fol. 300vo, p. 69). On or about 5 December 1633 (date illegible to fire damage), in a letter (?) addressed to Joost Brest or to whom it might concern, an unnamed person stated that he had insured a shipment of perishable wine on a ship laden for Rotterdam, which had been forced to land in Dunkerk due to a storm. Brest was apparently responsible for the policy (NA 947, Not. B. Baddel). On 12 May 1634, Jan van Ystenhout from Middelburg tried to collect money from a letter of exchange issued by Joost Brest (NA 771, Not. Verhey). On 11 September 1635, Joost Brest, 57, and Nicolaes Stracht, 44, made a deposition at the request of Neeltge Croonen. They declared that they had been at the house of Neeltge last Sunday and stood before the bed of her husband Hendrick Anthonisz. He apparently confessed that he had brought a child into the world in an episode of drunkenness (NA 772, Not. Verhey). Neeltge Cornelis Croonen, born in Middelburg in 1577, married Arent Bouwers Spijcker in December 1600. She remarried with Jan Jansz. glass engraver of R 31132 of Montias2 on 27 January 1613, Finally, she married once again with Hendrick Anthonisz. de Vries (cited in the above deposition) on 8 March 1622 (Elias, Vroedschap, p. 154). Joost Brest died between 28 February 1636, when he was named as an arbiter in a dispute concerning the inheritance of the estate left by Marten Hooffman, and 18 June 1636, when he was replaced as arbiter in consequence of his death (NA 695A, omslag 73, fol.420, Not. J. Warnaerts). On 7 March 1639, Jean Legouche (cited in the TEXT of R 160) had a notary notify Sr. Maljaert (Meynaert) Brest (cited in the NOTES to R 3120 of Montias2) and the widow of Joost Brest that payment was due on a letter of exchange that the late Joost Brest had issued in Rome (NA 1498, film 1572, Not. J. Oly).
NotaryA. Eggericx
Art Value242 |t gulden
# of Items15
Montias1 #1112
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 HONDECOETER, GILLIS DE een lantschap van Hondecoter vande Arcke Noe f 40:--:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] een lantschap van Abraham ende is tot f 18:--:--
0003 HONDECOETER, GILLIS DE noch een lantschap van Hondecoter tot f 20:--:--
0004 COLYN, DAVID een lantschap van Colyn van Dovon (?) tot f 30:--:--
0005[a] [ANONYMOUS] twe schilderijen synde geteeckent met no. 13 ende 14 met een bancketien tesamen f 12:--:--
0005[b] [ANONYMOUS] twe schilderijen synde geteeckent met no. 13 ende 14 met een bancketien tesamen f 12:--:--
0005[c] [ANONYMOUS] twe schilderijen synde geteeckent met no. 13 ende 14 met een bancketien tesamen f 12:--:--
0006 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderije vastelavont geteeckent met no. 12 f 10:--:--
0007 COLYN, DAVID de geschilderde tien geboden van Colyn no. 16 f 20:--:--
0008 HONDECOETER, GYSBRECHT D' een lantschap van de jonge Hondecoter no. 2 f 35:--:--
0009 [ANONYMOUS] een geschilderde tronie van Prins Maurits f 4:--:--
0010 COLYN, DAVID de hemelvaert van Elias van Colyn geschildert f 20:--:--
0011 [ANONYMOUS] een lantschap getaxeert met no. 7 f 12:--:--
0012 [ANONYMOUS] een boerekermis no. 11 f 20:--:--
0013 [ANONYMOUS] Nieuw Staten Bijbel met caerte f 40:--:--
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