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Lenaerts, Philip

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Inventory #1228
Call NumberNA 199, film 111, fol. 441-458
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameLenaerts
Owner NameLenaerts, Philip
Marriage Date1586/11/08
Type of CeremonyK
OccupationCrafts |a Tailor, shoemaker, other clothing; Retail merchant |a Beer distributor
Religionprobably Mennonite
IntroductionInventaris van de meubele huysraet ende inboel bevonden in de sterfhuys van Philip Lenaerts bierbeschooier. Postscript: Mainly unreadable in film. Even the date, 23 April 1618, is approximate. Signed by Lubbrich Elberts, Leendert Philips, Aert Lambertsz. Cock, and Maritgen Jacobsr.
CommentaryPhilips Lenertsz. was a shoemaker at the time he married Heyltje Jans on 8 November 1586 (Elias, Vroedschap van Amsterdam pp. 171, 173). He later became a beer distributor (bierbeschooier,bierbestecker). He was also a buyer at auction (for bio-details, see the NOTES to R 29712 of Montias2.) He was the half brother of Aert Lambertsz. Cock who signed the present inventory. Note that many items in the inventory belonged to Philips's sons Michaël (clothing), Arent (clothing), and Jan (books). Some goods belonged to Maria Jacobs, who seemed to be the principal heiress. It is not clear whether she was the widow of Philips Lenertsz. or a relative. Philips's sons, Michaël and Jan (or Johannes), who later called themselves van den Broeck, both married daughters of Lucas Jacobsz. Rotgans de jonge (1587-1646), soap boiler op 't Water, and of Catharina de Gruyter (1591-1657). Michaël married Clara Rotgans, born in 1597, on 3 May 1622. At the time Philips Lenertsz. was still a shoemaker on the N.Z. Voorburgwal, at the corner of the Molsteeg. Dr. Michaël van den Broeck was counsellor and advocaat-fiscaal of the Admiralty in Rotterdam. Johannes van den Broeck married Machelina Rotgans, born in 1598, on 17 December 1624. He was Commies ter Financie in The Hague and was raised to the Knighthood of St. Michiel (Elias, op.cit. p. 171).
NotaryJ.F. Bruyning
# of Items82
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001[a] [ANONYMOUS] 4 albaster steen bortgens met vergulde randen
0001[b] [ANONYMOUS] 4 albaster steen bortgens met vergulde randen
0001[c] [ANONYMOUS] 4 albaster steen bortgens met vergulde randen
0001[d] [ANONYMOUS] 4 albaster steen bortgens met vergulde randen
0002[a] [ANONYMOUS] vier bortgens met hout lijstgens
0002[b] [ANONYMOUS] vier bortgens met hout lijstgens
0002[c] [ANONYMOUS] vier bortgens met hout lijstgens
0002[d] [ANONYMOUS] vier bortgens met hout lijstgens
0003[a] [ANONYMOUS] 3 houte bloempotges
0003[b] [ANONYMOUS] 3 houte bloempotges
0003[c] [ANONYMOUS] 3 houte bloempotges
0004[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 steene bortgens
0004[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 steene bortgens
0005 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van de slagh van Heemskerck
0006 [ANONYMOUS] een cleyn schilderijtgen toecomende als vooren [Lenert Philipsz.]
0007 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderijtken van Lobberichgen Elbers ende haer dochter
0008 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderye van Mabal ende de coninck Davidt
0009 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderye van Hagar
0010 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderye van beste vader ende beste moeder
0011 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderye van Beytgen Jans
0012 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderye van Petrus
0013 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderytgen van den Koninck van Vranckrijck
0014 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderytgen van blinde Gerrit
0015 [ANONYMOUS] een cleyn schilderytgen van Lot
0016 [ANONYMOUS] ses hoorens
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