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Tholincx, Dirck

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Inventory #1248
Call NumberDBK 5072/350, fol. 165 to fol.170
TypeDesolate Boedelskamer
Purposeinsolvent inventory, drawn up at request of creditors
Family NameTholincx
Owner NameTholincx, Dirck
Life Dates1589/03/19 |d ?
Marriage Date1613/09/08
Type of CeremonyK
OccupationRegent; Merchant (largescale)
ResidenceOn the Heerengracht in Hamburg in Amsterdam
IntroductionInventaris van de meublen, huijsraet ende anders bevonden ten huijse van Dirck Tholincx staende op de Heeregracht genaemt Hamburch. Aldus geinventariseert ende beschreven den 20e april 1644.
CommentaryThe main bio-data about Dirck Tholincx are supplied in R 24742 of Montias2. He was a member of the Amsterdam vroedschap from 1625 to 1644 when he went bankrupt and was removed from the Raad. He was a director of the V.O.C. from 1625 to May 1643. After his bankruptcy, he left Amsterdam and became riding master (ritmeester) in the service of the States General. In 1650, he became drossard of Zevenberger. The date of his death (after 1654) is not known. On 8 September 1613, he married Adriana van der Wel, born in Utrecht in 1596, the daughter of Lubbert van der Wel. Their daughter Anna Tholincx married Jacob Jacobsz. Hinlopen, a cloth merchant, member of the Vroedschap from 1657 to 1679, on 30 December 1642. Hinlopen was an important collector who owned several paintings by Rembrandt, including Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery. which he bought in 1657 (Elias, Vroedschap van Amsterdam pp. 365 and 507, Strauss, Rembrandt Documents p. 402).
# of Items46
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0021[a] [ANONYMOUS] 3 print borties
0021[b] [ANONYMOUS] 3 print borties
0021[c] [ANONYMOUS] 3 print borties
0022[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 kinderen conterfeijtsels
0022[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 kinderen conterfeijtsels
0023[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 albasterde borties
0023[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 albasterde borties
0024 [ANONYMOUS] 1 print bortie
0025 [ANONYMOUS] 1 cleijn lantschapie
0026 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij opgerecht sonder lijst
0027 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderij 1 perspectijff
0028 [ANONYMOUS] 1 groote caert van Holland
0029 [ANONYMOUS] 1 dito [ groote caert] van de Purmer
0030 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schil[derij] perspectijff
0031 VINCKBOONS, DAVID 1 roverijtje va Vinckeboons
0032 [ANONYMOUS] 1 fruijtagie
0033 CORNELISZ. VAN HAARLEM, CORNELIS 1 Diana van Mr. Cornelis van Haarlem
0034[a] MOREELSE, PAULUS 3 tronien van Paulus Morelsz.
0034[b] MOREELSE, PAULUS 3 tronien van Paulus Morelsz.
0034[c] MOREELSE, PAULUS 3 tronien van Paulus Morelsz.
0035 [ANONYMOUS] 1 conterfeijtsel van den oversten Smelsingh
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