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Rombouts, Hans

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Inventory #200
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call Number746 fol. 1025-1049. film no. 5176
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameRombouts
Owner NameRombouts, Hans
Owner Noteswidower of Susanna Nicquet (1569-1618)
Life Dates1562 |d 1624/03/31
Marriage Date1593/10/22; 1620
Type of CeremonyK
OccupationMerchant (largescale)
ResidenceOp de Herengracht in Amsterdam
IntroductionInventaris van de meubelen huysraet schilderyen ende andersints naergelaten ende metter doot ontruijmt by wijlen Hans Rombouts sal. bevonden ten huyse van de selve Rombouts gestaen op de Heere Gracht Postscriptum: Aldus geinventariseert ten versoecke van de gemeen erffgenamen van wylen Hans Rombouts zal. den 8-en ende 9-en Maij 1624.
CommentaryHans Rombouts was 31 years old on 9 October 1593 when he was betrothed to Susanna Niquet. He was assisted by his mother Catharina Reygers, she, by her father Jean Niquet and her mother Margriete Bosman (of INVNO 539) (DTB 406/420). Rombouts lived and died in Amsterdam in 't blauwe huys on the Heerengracht, opposite the Warmoesgracht. After the death of Susanna, which occurred on 30 October 1618 (De Navorscher 84(1935), p. 18), he remarried on 3 September 1620 with Adriana Coolen (Cool, Cools), who was the widow, first, of Lieven Lampsins, and, second, of Albert Jonckheyn (INVNO 572). Gheraert Reynst, the future governor of the East Indies and the father of Margreite Reynst of R 35840, invested 7,200 f. in the first subscription for V.O.C. shares on behalf of Hans Rombouts. His account at the Wisselbank numbered 2 pages in 1611, 3 in 1612, and 4 in 1620 (Van Dillen, Het oudste aandeelhoudersregister, p. 140). Hans Rombouts died without progeny on 31 March 1624 (Nederlandsche Leeuw 42(1924) col. 211). and was buried on 4 April 1624 (Elias, Vroedschap, p. 308). His heirs (see below) sold a house over de Raemsbrugge on the Burchwal, which had belonged to him, to Anthony Gommers of R 28934 of Montias2 on 22 January 1626. The surety was Hans van Solt (II) of R 21567 of Montias2. The next day Anthony Gommers transferred the house to Hans van Solt II and David van Solt(I?), Hans van Solt's brother (WK 5073/913). Anthony Gommers was related to Hans Rombouts via his mother Cathalina Rombouts I, a sister of Hans Rombouts (Nederlandsche Leeuw 25(1940), col. 211). Hans van Solt II was related to Hans Rombouts via his mother Elisabeth Rombouts, who was Hans Rombouts's sister (de Navorscher 84(1935), p. 36). Beside Anthony van Solt II and Anthony Gommers, the heirs of Hans Rombouts, anonymously cited in the INTRO, were: Joannes Rombouts, the son of Jacques Rombouts of INVNO 727; Joannes Sweerts via Maria Rombouts; Carel van Peenen, son of Pieter van Peenen who was married to Jacomina Rombouts, another sister; Hendrick Boots, married to Catarina Sweerts, the daughter of Tanneken Rombouts, another sister. The accord among the heirs for the division of the estate was also signed by Dirck van Wissel (of R 20620), who was married to Catharina Rombouts II, the daughter of Jacques Rombouts, and by Gulielmo Sweerts, possibly the son of Lenard Sweerts, whose first wife, Anna Rombouts, was still another sister of Hans Rombouts (NA 843, film 576, 7 [...] 1634). This Guglielmo Sweerts cannot be identical with the cousin of Hans van Solt II who died on 8 July 1609. He may possibly be identical with Willem Lenaerts Sweerts of R 30037. For an extensive genealogy of the Rombouts family, see Nederlandsche Leeuw 42(1924)). cols. 211-217). In 1637, the inheritance of Hans Rombouts still had not been settled. Anthony Gommers, on 22 January of that year, resigned from the curatorship of the estate (because of his great age). On the election (among the six representatives of the various claimants) to replace him by Carel van Peenen (II), see the NOTES to R 28934 of Montias2. On Carel van Peenen (I and II), see the NOTES to R 20620 of Montias2.
NotaryH. Bruyningh
# of Items65
Montias1 #118
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 GOSSAERT, JAN (MABUSE) erstelijck een stuck schilderije, No.1 wit ende swart van Mambusen
0002 BLOCKLANDT, ANTHONIE VAN MONTFOORT noch een stuck schilderije, No.2 wesende 't principael, van Blocklant
0003 CONGNET, GILLIS noch een stuck schilderie , No. 3 wesende [crossed out: Quinque, 't] principael, van [crossed out: Qui] Congie
0004 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No.4, wesende 't principael porspectiff
0005 VALCKERT, WERNER VAN DEN noch een stuck schilderie, no.5, wesende Warnaert Valckaert, principael
0006 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 6, van Susanna
0007 BLES, HERRI MET DE noch een stuck schilderie, No. 7, wesende 't principael, van Bles
0008 BLES, HERRI MET DE noch een stuck schilderie, No. 8, wesende 't principael, van Bles
0009 ISAACKSZ., PIETER FRANS noch een stuck schilderie, No. 9, wesende Pieter Ysacs
0010 FRANCKEN, FRANS (II) noch een stuck schilderie, No. 10, wesende 't principael van Franchoys Francken
0011 BLES, HERRI MET DE noch een stuck schilderie, No.11, wesende 't principael van Bles
0012 MANDER, KAREL VAN (I) noch een stuck schilderie, No. 12, wesende 't principael van Carel van Mander
0013 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 13
0014 VLIET, WILLEM WILLEMSZ. VAN noch een stuck schilderie, No.14, wesende 't principael van Vlee
0015 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 15
0016 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie No. 16
0017 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 17, van boeren
0018 BLES, HERRI MET DE noch een stuck schilderie, No. 18, van Henry Bles
0019 BARENDSZ., DIRCK noch een stuck schilderie, No. 19, van Dirck Barentssen, wit ende swart
0020 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 20, wesende schepen
0021 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 21, wesende een schip
0022 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 22
0023 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 23
0024 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 24
0025 [ANONYMOUS] noch een stuck schilderie, No. 25
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