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Venators, Cornelia

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Inventory #203
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call Number1812
PurposeDeath inventory of debtor under court-ordered supervision
Family NameVenators
Owner NameVenators, Cornelia
Life Dates1605 |d c. 1653
Marriage Date1625/04/21
Type of CeremonyPui
ReligionRemonstrant ?
IntroductionInventaris van alle de goederen actien en gerechtichheden metter doot ontruijmt ende achtergelaten bij Cornelia Venators soo ende sulcx de selve by Jacques de Clerq en Theunis Jansz. Vis testamentaire voogden over Adolf Bengevoort uyt cracht van seeckere opene brieven van benefitie van inventaris in desen den 29-en April deses jaers 1653 ... geimpetreert.
CommentaryOn 24 April 1625, Dirck van Bengvoort, van [inked out], 22 years old, assisted by his father Anthonis van Binckvoort, living in the Warmoesstraat, was betrothed to Cornelia Venators, from Alckmaar, assisted by Aletta Venators, no living parents, 20, living in Alckmaar (DTB 670/51). He apparently also used the family name ten Bengvoort. He was a buyer at the porcelain sale of the Orphan Chamber of 11 October 1626, at which time he lived on the Nieuwendick in de Appelboom. Cornelia Venators was the daughter of the famously controversial, Socinian-tainted predikant Adolphus Tectander Venator, born in 1577, and of Anna Cornelis Spont, daughter of Dr. Cornelis Spont cited below (see J. de Vries, Adolphus Tectander Venator Oud Holland 40(1922), p.125). Anna Cornelis Venator died on 17 November 1617, after Venator had been dismissed from his post as predikant. On 27 March 1618, Venator registered as a student at Leiden University. He soon thereafter travelled to France where he died at an unknown date. His remains were brought back to Alkmaar where he was buried on 28 November 1618 (ibid. pp. 156-7). Adolf van Bengvoort, cited in the INTRO, was presumably the son of Cornelia Venators and of Anthonis van Binckvoort. On 24 May 1630, Jan Luijten, married to Anna Spont, for himself, Jeremias Govertsz. Tieleman, married to Aletesa Venators (probably Cornelia's sister who assisted her upon her betrothal), Dirck Bengefort (signs Bengevoort), married to Cornelia Venators, for themselves and replacing Dr. Sacheus Venator, their brother-in-law, together with Cornelis Jansz. Baert, as guardian of Cornelis Spont, and together with Philadelphus and Pacis Mundus Venators, all heirs by fidei commissie of the late Dr. Cornelis Spont of Alkmaar, drew up a procuration naming Dirck Jansz. Quinting, alderman in Alkmaar, to collect assets due to them on account of their inheritance (NA 842, film 569, Not. Hoogeboom). Both Dirck Theunisz. Bengvoort and Jeremias Govertsz. signed the Remonstrant petition of 1628. On 31 March 1634, Dirc ten Benfort, husband and guardian of Cornelia Venators, named his brother-in-law Antony Adriaensz. Coning to represent him in the suit he had been waging against the natural children of Cornelis Spont in Alkmaar (NA 843, fol. 579, Not. Hoogeboom). Antony Adriaensz. Coning lived on the Lelygracht in 1631 when he paid a tax of 35 f. (Kohier, fol. 297vo, p. 65). On 13 June 1625, Anrhony Adiaensz. Coninck was cited as the chamber-ordered guardian of Jacob, 21, and Hester, 7, the children of Jan Schut, cloth dealer (WK 5073/789). On 1 November 1632, Henric Ambrosius, painter, 30, living in the Lelygracht, declared at the request of Anthoni Adriaensz. Konincx (his neighbor) that, between Monday and Tuesday night last, at 12 (midnight), the door of the privy having been left open, Gerrit Roeloffsz. van Steenbergen entered (the witness's house) and took his partisan which stood behind the door and then left with it even though he, the witness, tried to prevent him from doing so. A while later Steenbergen brought back the partisan, which the witness noticed was smeared with blood. Dirck Bengefort and Aeriaen Commeling witnessed the deposition (NA 843, fol. 384, Not. Hoogeboom). On 23 September 1634, Anthony Adriaensz. Conincx and Symon Pietersz. drew up an accounting of the assets and liabilities of the recently deceased Hans van Solt I (of R 29281 of Montias2) (NA 843, fol. 692, Not. Hoogeboom). On 2 January 1636, Femmetge Gerrits, married to Anthony Adriaensz. Conincx, indemnified Margareta van Ray, the wife of Pieter Quina (the brother of Carel and Jacob Quina of R 30687 and R 30652 of Montias2) for the injurious remarks made about her by Magdalena's maid (NA 1185, fol. 1vo, Not. J. de Vos). On 30 July 1636, Anthony Adriaensz. Conincx, 51, and his wife Femmetge Gerrits, 40, made a deposition about a man who had died leaving four poor orphans (NA 1185, fol. 50, Not. J. de Vos). On 10 April 1638, Willempje ten Bengevoort, wife of Daniel de Ruelles, 33, declared at the request of Anthony Adriaensz. Conincx [who was presumably her brother-in-law] that at the time Conincx was associated in a company with Paul Jansz. Cley (cited in the NOTES to R 43863 of Montias2), she had received money from and paid money out to Cley, who handled the cash, but that Conincx did not bother himself with the casse (NA 1186, fol.15, Not. J. de Vos). Finally, Dirck ten Bengvoort was said to be the brother-in-law of Daniel de Ruwelles, cited above (NA 843, 5 April 1634).
NotaryAlbert Eggericx
Art Value284 |d 8 st.
# of Items81
Montias1 #121
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001[a] [ANONYMOUS] drie lantschap schilderyen
0001[b] [ANONYMOUS] drie lantschap schilderyen
0001[c] [ANONYMOUS] drie lantschap schilderyen
0002 [ANONYMOUS] een cleyn lantschap schilderytje
0003 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderye van een munnick ende Elias
0004 [ANONYMOUS] een lantschap schilderytje
0005 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderytje van Maria bootschap
0006 [ANONYMOUS] een lantschapje voor de schoor
0007 [ANONYMOUS] maneschyntge en winter schilderytge
0008[a] [ANONYMOUS] seen oud mans tronie en een soldat elck apart cleijne
0008[b] [ANONYMOUS] seen oud mans tronie en een soldat elck apart cleijne
0009[a] [ANONYMOUS] 3 schilderyen voor de schoor
0009[b] [ANONYMOUS] 3 schilderyen voor de schoor
0009[c] [ANONYMOUS] 3 schilderyen voor de schoor
0010[a] [ANONYMOUS] de vijff sinnen elck apart geschildert
0010[b] [ANONYMOUS] de vijff sinnen elck apart geschildert
0010[c] [ANONYMOUS] de vijff sinnen elck apart geschildert
0010[d] [ANONYMOUS] de vijff sinnen elck apart geschildert
0010[e] [ANONYMOUS] de vijff sinnen elck apart geschildert
0011[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderyen 3 gulden
0011[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderyen 3 gulden
0011[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderyen
0012 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schildery
0013 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderytje van het Eylant van Schellingh
0014[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee langhwerpige lantschapjes
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