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Francken, Anthonij

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Inventory #224
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call Number3164, film 3133
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameFrancken
Owner NameFrancken, Anthonij
Owner Notesand his late wife Anna van Glabbeeck
Life Dates1599 |d ?
Marriage Date1622/09/30
Type of CeremonyPui
IntroductionInventaris van alle de meubelen ende huijsraden van Anthonij Francken ende zijne overleden huijsvrouw Anna van Glabbeeck soo en sulcx de voors. Anna van Glabbeeck metter doot ontruijmt ende nagelaten zijn. Gemaeckt opt aengeven van de voors. Anthonij Francken opt versoeck ende overstaen van Wilhem ende Anna Francken met ende beneffens Nelletge Francken huysvrouw van Govert Kamphuijsen kinderen ende erffgenamen van de gemelte Anna van Glabbeeck ...Postscript: Aldus gedaen binnen Amstelredam ter presentie van Isaack Junius ende Thomas Wtenbogaert inwoonders deser stede als getuijgen ... den een en dartichsden julij xvi C ende sestich
CommentaryOn 30 September 1622, Anthonis Francken, 23, assisted by his father Frans Jansz., living op het Water, was betrothed to Annetgen Willems [signs Glabbeck], 20, assisted by her sister Nelletje Willems, living in Utrecht (DTB 669/121). The witness to the present inventory, Isaacq Junius, is probably identical with the painter of battles who was a member of the Delft guild of St. Luke and moved to Amsterdam. Anthonie Francken, the husband of the late Annetge van Glabbeeck, bought several lots at auction in 1608 and 1610 (e.g. R 28925). He may have been at least a part-time art dealer, who sold the paintings of his relative painters. According to a document of 25 May 1634, Anthony Francken, merchant, ceded to his father Frans Jansz., his brother Jacob Francke, and his brother-in-law Dirck Claesz., verwer (dyer), various goods as collateral for the debts he owed them (NA 863, fol. 153vo, Not. J. van Zwieten). On 9 February 1647, Govert Camphuysen, from Gorkum, painter, 23, living on the Lindegracht, assisted by his brother Raphael Camphuysen, was betrothed in Amsterdam to Nelletje Francken, from Amsterdam, 20, living on the Roosegracht, assisted by Anthon Francken, her father (Oud Holland 3(1885), p. 73). The landscape painter Raphael Camphuijsen was present in Amsterdam at least as early as 8 July 1639 when he signed a document as a witness (NA 1183, Not. J. de Vos). Anna van Glabbeeck may be related to Jan van Glabbeeck, a pupil of Rembrandt, who witnessed a declaration by Rembrandt in 1653 and whose death inventory was taken on 11 January 1687 (Oud Holland 33(1915), p. 244). Three paintings by Gysbert van Glabbeeck, also surely a relative, were recorded in the present inventory. Govert Camphuysen remarried with Elisabeth Cramers. On 1 March 1662, the couple had their daughter Catalyntje baptized in the Remonstrant church (Oud Holland 3(1885), p73).
NotaryJacob Pondt
Total Value1546 |d 11 stuivers
Art Value237 |d 17 stuivers
# of Items37
Montias1 #141
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0022[a] [MARKUS OORNEU, UNIDENTIFIED] twee stuckjes van Markus Oorneu f 5:--:--
0022[b] [MARKUS OORNEU, UNIDENTIFIED] twee stuckjes van Markus Oorneu f 5:--:--
0023 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van 't casteeltje te Ramkens f 3:--:--
0024[a] [ANONYMOUS] drie printen met lijsten f -:10:--
0024[b] [ANONYMOUS] drie printen met lijsten f -:10:--
0024[c] [ANONYMOUS] drie printen met lijsten f -:10:--
0025 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van Maria Magdalena f 15:--:--
0026 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van drie goddinnen f 4:--:--
0027 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery van een oostjndische raven f 2:--:--
0028[a] [ANONYMOUS] noch twee fruijtasjes f 5:--:--
0028[b] [ANONYMOUS] noch twee fruijtasjes f 5:--:--
0029 [ANONYMOUS] een keucken f 2:--:--
0030[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee schilderijtjes f 1:--:--
0030[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee schilderijtjes f 1:--:--
0031 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van Bachus, Venus ende Serus f 2:--:--
0032 [ANONYMOUS] een dito [schilderij] scheepje f -:5:--
0033 [ANONYMOUS] een dito [schilderij] van een bancquet f 1:--:--
0034[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee printjes f -:2:--
0034[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee printes f -:2:--
0035 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderij van twee naeckte menschen f -:10:--
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