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Cocq, Jacqueline le

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Inventory #249
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberNA 1004
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameCocq
Owner NameCocq, Jacqueline le
Owner Noteswidow of Esaias Hiole
Life Dates1568 |d c. 1626 |n Hiole
Marriage Date1594/10/29
Type of CeremonyK
IntroductionInventaris van de goederen ... bevonden in 't sterfhuys van Jacqueline le Cocq, [weduwe] van Esaias Hiole ... opt versoeck ende door 't aengeven van Gerrit ende Isaac Hiol [soonen] van den overleden, Item Caspar van der Vene schoonsoon van den overleden mitsgaders Jeronimus Victorij [husband of the daughter of the late Esaias Hiole]. [Getaxeert] by Susanna Hendricx ende Lysbethgen Martens gesworen schatsers deser stede. Postscriptum: Aldus gedaen ... in den voors. sterfhuys ... op den 20 aprillis 1648 in presentie van Dirck Danckertsz. ende Adam Nijs ende op den xxien ... ter presentie van de voors. Nijs ende Jan Jansz. als getuijgen.
CommentaryOn 29 October 1594, Esaije Hiolle, from Valenciennes, 26 years old, living in Haarlem, assisted by his father Ger[art] Hiole was betrothed to Jacqueline le Cocq, from IJssel, living on the Rockin, assisted by her father Jen le Cocq and her mother Jacqueline Sn[...]n (DTB 407/93). Isaias Hiole, living on the Uytterse Steiger in de drie Roosen, bought lots for 3 f. 12 st. in the Haarlem lottery of 1606 (4/3 F 24). On 1 November 1622, Jeronimus Vittori (Victori), 27, living behind the Spinhuis, was betrothed to Jacquelijne Hiolle, assisted by her parents, Esaias Hiole and Jacqueline Le Cocx (DTB 416/302). In the 1630s, Vittori became an important tulip grower (communication of Anne Goldgar). On 11 April 1637, he was said to be renting the house of Jasper (Casper) van der Venne on the Heregracht at the sign of Coninck van Vranckrijck for 300 f. a year (NA 991, fol.128, Not. J. Bosch). On 22 June 1616, Marguerite Colle, widow of Gerard Hiole, living on the Rockin, assisted by her son Ysaye Hiole, desisted from the testament made by her husband in her favor on 14 November 1614 (NA 21-8, fol. 41, Not. Sal. Henrix, Extracten). In 1617, Esaias Hiole, who had belonged to the Waals community, helped secure the warehouse of Herman Rendorp on the Dwarsboomsloot, after it had been damaged by a crowd of Counter-Remonstrants. He was presumably therefore a Remonstrant himself by this time (Wagenaar, Amsterdam, p. 462). On 20 January 1626, Jerosme Victorij and Jaquelijne Hiole had their daughter Elisabeth baptized in the W.K. in the presence of Remont de Smith (of R 23589) and of Margerite Hiole (DTB 130/202). Esaias Hiole must have died before 13 October 1627, on which date his widow Jacqueline le Cocq and Rachel de Bam, widow of Michiel le Houck, appeared before the Orphan Chamber on behalf of Gertruy, 4 years old, the daughter of the late Anthony Belle, whose mother Lysbeth Michiels was living in Antwerpen (WK 5073/789). The widow Le Cocq was also a witness to the baptism of Jacqueline, daughter of Abraham Hiolle (probably her son) and of Madeleine van der Hack, together with Jacques Matton, on 27 October of the same year (DTB 130/277, W.K.) On 5 November 1629, Jaspar Braems, widower of Elisabeth Hiole, acknowledged having received from the honorable Jacqeline de Cocq, widow of Ysaye Hiole, 1,200 f. as the full payment on Elisabeth Hiole's share of the inheritance left by her uncle Jeremias Hiole (NA 21, film 41, fol. 28vo, Not. Salomon Henricx). The widow and children of Esaias Hiole, living on the Heeregracht, paid a tax of 300 f. in 1631 (Kohier, fol. 88, p. 21). On 9 February 1636, Jufr. Jacqueline le Cocq, widow of Esaias Hiole, declared that the claims that she had on Nicolaes Egbertsz. van Sturck, her swager (of INVNO 479), who had been married to her daughter Sara, arising from the inheritance left by Sara Hiole, had been fully paid (NA 991, fol. 56, Not. J. Bosch). On his son Isaack (or Isaacq) Hiool, see R 23398 of Montias2.
NotaryGerrit Coren
AppraiserSusanna Hendricx and Lysbethgen Mars (?)
Art Value238 |d 16 stuivers
# of Items28
Montias1 #167
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001[a] [ANONYMOUS] acht Franse tronien, 't stuck 1 gulden f 8:--:--
0001[b] [ANONYMOUS] acht Franse tronien, 't stuck 1 gulden f 8:--:--
0001[c] [ANONYMOUS] acht Franse tronien, 't stuck 1 gulden f 8:--:--
0001[d] [ANONYMOUS] acht Franse tronien, 't stuck 1 gulden f 8:--:--
0001[e] [ANONYMOUS] acht Franse tronien, 't stuck 1 gulden f 8:--:--
0001[f] [ANONYMOUS] acht Franse tronien, 't stuck 1 gulden f 8:--:--
0001[g] [ANONYMOUS] acht Franse tronien, 't stuck 1 gulden f 8:--:--
0001[h] [ANONYMOUS] acht Franse tronien, 't stuck 1 gulden f 8:--:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery van scheepjens
0003 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderytgen daer de discipulen Christi in't coren gaen
0004 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderijtgen van de oude Prins
0005 [ANONYMOUS] een printbortgen van Johannes Hoochedus
0006 [ANONYMOUS] een out schilderijtgen sonder lijst
0007 [ANONYMOUS] Salomons gebedt
0008 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderytgen daer Christus opt strant wandelt
0009 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderitgen van den thooren van Babel
0010[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderyen van oude tronijen
0010[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 schilderyen van oude tronijen
0011[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 conterfeijtsels sonder lysten
0011[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 conterfeijtsels sonder lysten
0012 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schildery synde een landschap
0013 [ANONYMOUS] een groot schildery daerin een historie geschildert
0014 [ANONYMOUS] een groot schildery van Eliseus
0015 [ANONYMOUS] noch een groot schildery van een ander historie
0016 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery van der uyttocht van de Duc d'Alva
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