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Jacobs, Marry

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Inventory #278
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call Number568
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameJacobs
Owner NameJacobs, Marry
Owner Noteswidow of Jan Claesz. Hollesloot
Life Dates1588 |d c. 1630 |n Jacobs; 1588 |d ? |n Hollesloot
Marriage Date1609/11/06
Type of CeremonyPui
OccupationMerchant (largescale) |a Stone
ResidenceOpte Nieuwesyts Wester Achterburchwal by de St. Nicolaes Brugge in Amsterdam
ReligionRoman Catholic
IntroductionInventaris ende specificatie van allen den goederen nagelaten by z. Marry Jacobs weduwe ende boedelhouster was van wylen Jan Claesz. Hollesloot z. zulcx zij die selve metter doodt deser werelt ontruijmt heeft. Postscript: Aldus geinventariseert in Amsterdam in den sterfhuijs van de voors. Marry Jacobs gestaen opte nieuwesyts wester achterburchwal by de St. Nicolaes brugge den xxx ende xxxi Augusti als oock den 13-en septembris 1630 in presentie van Harmen Hendricksz. ende Peter Anthonisz. poorteren deser stede als getuijgen...
CommentaryOn 6 November 1609, Jan Claesz. Hoolesloot, 21, living on the O.Z. Voorburgwal, assisted by his grandfather Andries Hollesloot, was betrothed to Marie Jacobs, 21, living in the Calverstraet, assisted by her parents (DTB 660/201). On 10 September 1610, the Orphan Chamber named Jan Claesz. Hollesloot as guardian over the children of his sister Lysbeth Claes Hollesloot (WK 5073/513, fol. 138). On 5 December 1618, Meynert Jansz., tax master for bulk wares (grove waren), insinuated Jan Claesz. Hollesloot and other stone dealers and sculptors, summoning them to declare the amount of stones they had in stock. Hollesloot declared that he 17 great tombstones (sarcken) of blue stones (NA 391, fol. 542). On 4 September 1624, the honorable Jan Claesz. Hollesloot declared at the request of Willem van Hasdonck that he had guaranteed (been borg for) a shipment of gun powder to the King of Sweden (NA 389, fol. 92). Jan Claesz. Hollesloot, who had lived bij het Waterspoorts bruggetie, was buried on 10 October 1625. 23 f. were paid to the O.K. for his burial. The tolling of the bells ordered for his burial indicates that he was Roman Catholic (DTB 1033/123). The presence in the inventory of a portrait of pater Jan Naij (or Ney) and one of Spinola in the inventory confirms that the couple were Roman Catholic. According to Mr. Sebastian Dudok van Heel, the last name of Marry Jacobs was Roost. Lysbeth Claes Hollesloot, the sister of Jan Claesz. Hollesloot, married Jacob Pietersz. Codde (Roman Catholic) on 2 June 1616. She was assisted by her swagerinne Maria Jacobs, the owner of the goods in this inventory (R 8318 of Montias2). On 24 November 1617, Cornelis Dankertsz., city mason, 45, Jan Claesz. HollesLoot, 28, and Claes Adriaensz. van Delft, 40, made a deposition (NA 351B, film 6406, Not. W. Cluyt). Claes Adriaensz. van Delft, mason, was the brother of Dirck Ariaensz. van Delft (of INVNO 509) and of Pieter Ariaensz. van Delft, sculptor, cited in the NOTES to R 21468. Claes and Pieter van Delft were apprenticed as mason/sculptors to Hendrick de Keyser (Ann Adams, he Paintings of Thomas de Keyser, Ph.D. Dissertation, p. 21). In the 1629 inventory of the goods left by Jacomijntje Pieters, the widow of the sculptor Cornelis van der Blocke, a debt of 10 f. owed to Jan Claesz. Hollesloot, stone dealer, was recorded (INVNO 631). In 1631, one year after the present inventory was taken, the heirs of Jan Claesz. Hollesloot, living on the N.Z. Achterburchwal, paid a tax of 100 f. (Kohier, fol. 289vo, p. 66). Jacob Hollesloot, the son of Jan Claesz., born about 1614, married Aef (Eva) Plemp, the daughter of Cornelis Gysbrechtsz. Plemp of R 21978, on 1 July 1640. He was buried on 13 December 1673 (I. van Eeghen, De Navorscher 92(1950), p.146). Jan Hollesloot of INVNO 1271 may have been the son of Jan Claesz. Hollesloot.
NotaryL. Lamberti
# of Items36
Montias1 #195
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0037 [ANONYMOUS] 't contrefeijtsel van pater Jan Naij
0038 [ANONYMOUS] een bloempot
0039 [ANONYMOUS] een schildery van een deel sateren
0040[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee contrefeijtsels van d'overleden met haer man
0040[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee contrefeijtsels van d'overleden met haer man
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