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Hartsbeeck, Paulus van

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Inventory #304
Call NumberDBK 5072/969
TypeDesolaet Boedels Kamer
Purposeinsolvent inventory (presumably drawn up at request of creditors)
Family NameHartsbeeck
Owner NameHartsbeeck, Paulus van
Life Dates1595 |d ?
Marriage Date1618/02/18
Type of CeremonyK
OccupationRetail merchant |a Other
ResidencePaulus van Hertsbeeck's garden was located on the Benningspadt between the Reguliers and the Heyligewegs poorten in Amsterdam
IntroductionInventaris van de verfvercopers winckel waeren mitsgaders meubelen bevonden in den boedel van Paulus Hartsbeeck. Postscriptum: Aldus gedaen ende beschreven den 24 Xe 1661.
CommentaryThis inventory contains various quantities of paint including a small barrel of disappearing yellow (schiel geel) in the Voorhuis. Paulus van Hartsbeeck (or Hertsbeeck) (II) was born about 1595. He was perhaps the son of Paul van Hertsbeke who married Johanna, the daughter of Jacques de Velaer, born about 1547, some time in the late 16th century. Paulus van Hertsbeeck II was betrothed to Sara van Neht (or Neet) on 16 February 1618. At that time, he lived on the Rockin. He was assisted by his brother Jacques van Hartsbeeck, she by her parents Pieter van de Neht and Marcken de Winter (DTB 421/172). For further biographic information on Paulus van Hartsbeeck (Hertsbeeck), see the NOTES to R 32142 of Montias2. The only known purchase of Paulus van Hertsbeeck at auction, a winter landscape, could not be identified in his inventory.
# of Items10
Montias1 #1053
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee slechte lantschatties in achtcante listen
0001[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee slechte lantschatties in achtcante listen
0002 [ANONYMOUS] een seestuckie sijnde een calmte
0003 [ANONYMOUS] een schilderije van Davidt triomph
0004[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee slechte seestuxkens
0004[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee slechte seestuxkens
0005 [ANONYMOUS] een coocken schilderije daerin een sude salm
0006 [ANONYMOUS] een seestuckie in een swart ebben lijst
0007 [ANONYMOUS] een cleijn prentbordeken
0008 [ANONYMOUS] een oudt lantschap
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