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Bacher, Dr. Stephanus

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Inventory #595
Call NumberNA 695B, film 4982
Purposedeath inventory
Family NameBacher
Owner NameBacher, Dr. Stephanus
Life Dates1571 |d 1637
Marriage Date1601/01/16
OccupationLiberal profession |a Doctor in medicine
ResidenceOp 't Water in Amsterdam
IntroductionInventaris ende taxatie van den huijsraet, meubelen ende anders van Doctor Stephanus Bacher, getaxeert by Aeltgen Claes ende Engel Jacobs, gesworen schatsers, die ... verclaren oprecht ... te hebben, Beschreven by my Jan Warnaerts, Not. Pub. ... te Amsterdam residerende ... ten versoecke van d'eersame Daniel Martens ... oom ende voocht van de minderjarige kinderen van de selven Dr. Bacher ende van de mondige kinderen, bevonden ter plaetsen nagestelt, eerstelijcken opt Water int huys daer de [Otter ?] uythangt, ende daerin in syn sterffhuys, ...als volcht. Postscript: Aldus beschreven op ten tweeden ende achtsten april xvi seven en dertich ten versoecke ende ten overstaen als vooren. Signed: Sephanus Bacherus MD (II ?), Johannes Bacherus, Daniel Bacherus, Daniel Martens.
CommentaryStephanus Bacherus, born in Antwerp, about 1571, may have been the brother of Everhard Becker (Backer, Bacher) of Middelburg, the father of Samuel Becker of R 20466 (see below for the relation between Everhard Becker and the Martens family into which Stephanus Bacherus married). Stephanus Bacherus studied medicine at Leiden University in 1592 and received his medical degree from Basel in 1595. On 16 January 1601, Stephanus Bacherus, from Antwerp, 30, assisted by his sister Mayken de Bacher (II), was betrothed to Meyken Martens, 20, living op 't Water, assisted by her father Hans Martensz. (of R 28860 of Montias2). Hans Martens was married to Stephanus's sister Mayken de Bacher II (Mayken de Bacher I was the sister of Andreas de Bacher). Hans Martens lived in den Otter on the Water (today's Damrak), which may have been the house where at least part of Stephanus Bacher's movable goods were found after his death. Daniel Martens (of R 6432), the guardian of Stephanus Bacher's children of minor and major age, at whose request the present inventory was drawn up, was the son of Hans Martens. Anthony van der Heeden I (of INVNO 256) was first married to Hester Martens, who was also the daughter of Hans Martens. Stephanus Bacherus was a witness at the baptism of Catarijna, the daughter of Anthony van der Heede and Hester Martens on 11 August 1613 (DTB 5/155). On 6 June 1617, Stephanus Bacherus (of R 25443) assisted Abigael Martens when she was betrothed to Marten Halewijn (DTB 432/231). Abigael Martens was another daughter of Hans Martens. Hans Martens invested 600 f. in the first subscription for V.O.C. shares on behalf of Stephanus Bacher. Daniel Bacherus, cited in the INTRO, was baptized in the N.K. in Amsterdam on 20 September 1615. He became a drogist and merchant. On 29 March 1617, he married Catharina Hooft. After Daniel's death, she remarried on 7 September 1670 with Cornelis (van) Foreest, son of Christiaen Foreest (Jaarboek C.B.G. 27(1973), pp. 72-3). On 27 August 1613, Maria van Hengel, the daughter of Joris van Hengel and Katharina Martens (daughter of Hans Martens and of Maycken Bachers), was baptized in the presence of Everhard Becker (Jaarboek C.B.G. 6(1943), p. 206). Everhard Becker was the father of Samuel Becker of R 20466. In view of the presence of Everhard Becker at the above-cited baptism, it appears that the Bacher and the Becker families were probably related (and may once have been identical). Note that Hermannus Martens, one of the two painters who were called in to inventorize the paintings was probably not of the family of Hans Martens, the father-in-law of Stephanus Bacher. On 12 October 1635, he was said to be a goldsmith and the oldest son of a goldsmith; in 1650, he was said to be one of the headmen of the goldsmiths' guild (Van Dillen, Bronnen tot de geschiedenis van het bedrijfsleven R.G.P. 144(1974), pp. 96 and 550).
NotaryJan Warnaerts
AppraiserFor the paintings: Hermanus Martens and Johannes Selincks, painters
Art Value247 |d 10 st.
# of Items32
Montias1 #1059
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Lot Type Artist Title Subject Verbatim Entry
0001 [LAMBERTUS CROES, UNIDENTIFIED] een schilderijtgen Croes mortte copgens f 2:--:--
0002[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee albaster beeltgens f 2:--:--
0002[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee albaster beeltgens f 2:--:--
0003 [ANONYMOUS] een tien geboden met de pen ende een glas gordijntje f 1:--:--
0004[a] [ANONYMOUS] een kaert Amsterdam ende een print de geus f 1:10:--
0004[b] [ANONYMOUS] een kaert Amsterdam ende een print de geus f 1:10:--
0005[a] [ANONYMOUS] de konterfeytsels van Doctor Stephanus Bacher ende syn huysvrou
0005[b] [ANONYMOUS] de konterfeytsels van Doctor Stephanus Bacher ende syn huysvrou
0006 VINCKBOONS, DAVID een boere kermis van Vinckeboons op f 40:--:--
0007 [ANONYMOUS] een roose krans op f 7:--:--
0008 [ANONYMOUS] een van Jacob f 7:--:--
0009 [ANONYMOUS] een ordeel van Paris op vyer ponden f 24:--:--
0010[a] [ANONYMOUS] twee ruynen op copere platen tsamen op vier ponden f 24:--:--
0010[b] [ANONYMOUS] twee ruynen op copere platen tsamen op vier ponden f 24:--:--
0011 [ANONYMOUS] 't wapen van den overleden
0012 [ANONYMOUS] een dito [?] van Moses ende Aaron voor Pharaon f 12:--:--
0013 [ANONYMOUS] een ditto [?] van Troyen f 6:--:--
0014 [ANONYMOUS] een ditto [?] van St. Pieter f 6:--:--
0015[a] [ANONYMOUS] drie tronien f 3:--:--
0015[b] [ANONYMOUS] drie tronien f 3:--:--
0015[c] [ANONYMOUS] drie tronien f 3:--:--
0016 [ANONYMOUS] Prins Willem van Orangien f 12:--:--
0017 [ANONYMOUS] een Cleopatra op f 24:--:-
0018 [ANONYMOUS] een toverytgen op f 24:--:--
0019 [ANONYMOUS] een vrijerie op f 24:--:--
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