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Jansdr., Femmetgen

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Inventory #875
ArchiveGemeentearchief Amsterdam
Call NumberWK 5073/956
TypeOrphan Chamber
Family NameJansdr.
Owner NameJansdr., Femmetgen
Owner Noteswidow of Jan Dircxsz. (Hoochsaet)
Life Dates1577 |d c. 1618
Marriage Date1600/02/05
Type of CeremonyP
OccupationArtisan |a Clockmaker, compass maker
ResidenceIn de Oude Haarlemerstraet in Amsterdam
IntroductionOp den 15e september 1621 zyn ten versoecke van Isaack Warnersz. ende Claes Jacobsz. (als voogden van de nagelate kinderen van Femmetgen Jansdr. weduwe van Jan Dircxsz. compasmaker) vercoft de navolgende goederen.
CommentaryJan Dircxsz. Hoochsaet was the son of Dirck Cornelisz., sailmaker. He was living in the St. Oloffs capelsteech when he paid a tax of 1 f. in 1585 (Van Dillen, Amsterdam, p. 63). He became a citizen of Amsterdam in 1597. On 5 February 1600, Jan Dierics Hoochsaet, from Nieuwenierop (Nierop), compass maker, 23, living by the Haarlemmersluys, assisted by his father Dirck Pietersz., was betrothed to Femmetje Jans, assisted by her mother Neeltge Willems (DTB 665/62). Dirck Pietersz. van Nierop was a teacher of the Waterland Anabaptist community. Femmetje Jans was the daughter of the cloth dealer Jan Jansz. and of Neeltgen Willems. She was the sister of Aefje Jans, married to Lucas Jacobsz. (Wijnman, Uit de kring van Rembrandt en Vondel, p.22). Isaack Warnersz., one of the two guardians of the children of Femmetgen Jansdr. and Jan Dircxsz., was the ironmonger Isaack Warnersz. Kisgens of R 20063. Claes Jacobsz., the other guardian cited in the INTRO, was the uncle of the children of Jan Dircksz. and Femmetje Jans (ibid. p.22). He may possibly have been the compass maker and flag-maker Claes Jacobsz. van Vollenhoven, noted in Amsterdam in 1583, 1586 and 1609 (Sybrich ter Kuile, Amsterdamse kompasmakers ca 1580-ca 1850, Amsterdam, 1999, p. 74). On 20 January 1638, Jan Gerritsz., tailor, 26, Annetge Jans, wife of Jan Gerritsz., Mietetje Jans, 21, and Grietje Egberts, widow of Jan Jansz. de Wolff, declared at the request of Stijntje Coornharts, stepmother of the producent (Compas), that, at the time when Annetje Jans was maid servant in the house of Dirck Jansz. Compas, Stijntje Coornhart had taken lemons and locked them up, had broken a mirror belonging to Dirck Jansz. Compas, and so forth. (NA 1276, act 67). Trijntje Jans, (Hoochsaet), the daughter of the late Jan Dircxsz., bought much of the silver, which was sold at fixed prices in the present sale. On 23 January 1627, Trijn Jans married the skipper Pieter Claess Croon. She was 20 and he was 28 (Wijnman, ibid.) She remarried with Hendrick Claesz. Rooleuw in 1637 (with whom she got on so badly that the couple was eventually granted a judicial separation) and, finally, with the surgeon Jan Schildt in 1673 (ibid., pp. and 35). Hendrick Claesz. Rooleuw was the brother of the notary Evert Claesz. Rooleeuw. In 1657 Trijntje Jans Hoochsaet was portrayed by Rembrandt. Jan Dirkcsz. was the brother of Pieter Dircksz. (Hoogsaet), the father of Jan Pietersz. Neckevelt of R 23594. Another brother, named Reyer Dircksz. van Nierop, sailor, was married to Metgen Andries, the daughter of Andries Claesz. Schaepherder. A sister of Metgen, named Grietje Andries, married the calligrapher Lieven van Coppenol. Wijnman conjectures that Coppenol gave Rembrandt a commission to etch his portrait in 1658 after he saw the portrait of Trijn Jans Hoogsaet painted the previous year (On these family relations, see H.F. Wijnman, (op.cit. pp. 21-2 and 32-3). The compass maker Dirck Jansz. Compas was presumably the son of Jan Dircx Compas. On 5 September 1635, Sr. Nicolaes Block insinuated Dirck Jan Compas, claiming that all the latter's movable goods would have to be sold to satisfy his creditors (Na 1410, Not. Cornelis Touw). On 9 September 1636, the stone dealer Hendrick Thomasz., lying sick in bed, declared that he had guaranteed an alderman's obligation, whereby Dirck Jansz. Compas had bound himself for the sale of goods that Thomasz. had sold to Jacob Bueno on the Vlooyenburg. Jacob Bueno was the Portuguese Jewish doctor in medicine portrayed by Rembrandt (NA 1418, Not. C. Touw, act 8). For the family name of Femmetje Jans, which was apparently Branderis, and for other information on the Hoochsaet family, see the NOTES to R 23594 of Montias2.
NotaryJan Dircksz. van Beuningen
Total Value309 |d 15 st. 12 pen.
Art Value3 |d 16 st.
# of Items3
Montias1 #779
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0001[a] [ANONYMOUS] 2 print schilderytgens (1 preeckstoel) f 1: 7:--
0001[b] [ANONYMOUS] 2 print schilderytgens (1 preeckstoel) f 1: 7:--
0002 [ANONYMOUS] 1 schilderytgen scheepgens f 1: 9:--
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